Are UKIP Homophobic Racists?

Today I’m taking a break from my usual Technology Articles for a bit of UK Politics.  Last night Saturday 17th May 2014 I read a blog post somewhere (can’t remember where I found it, but I’ll add a link when I find it) about a UKIP Councillor publicly stated “poofters should be shot to make... Continue Reading →


Homophobic Ukip Councillor Suspended After saying He’s Praying For Gay People To Be Healed Of Their ‘Spiritual Disease’

According to sky News David Silvester the Ukip Councillor for Henley-On-Thames has been suspended by the party after revealing that he is praying for gay people to be healed of their 'spiritual disease' . today in a radio interview he said that he warned the prime minister that there would be 'repercussion' if gay marriage... Continue Reading →

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