American Teacher Sacked For Blog Post About Homophones


After reading this Article on the Metro website I had to write an Article on my feelings about this.

If like what the Principle of the School has said in the Article that homophones are beyond the understanding of most of the student body then it’s portraying a Language School in a bad light since homophones are used in English everyday since it’s the term used for words that sound the same but ¬†have different meanings like there and their.

But since this school is in the deeply religious Utah then it wouldn’t surprise me that the school didn’t teach homophones as the narrow-minded religious types in the US would think that it would encourage homosexuality because of the homo part of homophones.

This teacher shouldn’t get sacked for writing a Blog post on homophones since it should be in the curriculum or whatever the American version is, as he’s simply been sacked because he’s a teacher in a narrow-minded, deeply religious and backwards State that thinks anything with the homo in the word will lead to homosexuality.

Homosexuality is genetically encoded and not a choice makes the reason for this teachers dismissal even more backwards, but then when the religious nut jobs in Utah and Texas don’t even believe in evolution or Genetics as it has nothing to do with God or Creationism.

the Utah School board needs to look into the running of this so-called Language School if a simple thing like homophones is beyond the understanding of most of the student body of the school.

Rant over