Using Chrome Remote Desktop For Gaming In Chrome OS

  In earlier Articles I've talked about using Chrome Remote Desktop for using Windows Programs in Chrome OS and for using Microsoft Visual Studio in Chrome OS. While wanting to use Windows Programs in Chrome OS is a slightly more mainstream than wanting to use Microsoft Visual Studio in Chrome OS, there is one area... Continue Reading →


Learning To Program In Microsoft Visual Studio: From A Chromebook & Chrome OS User

While there is the Neutron Drive IDE Web App for Programming in Chrome OS, anyone who wants to learn how to Program in any or all the Languages that come as part of Visual Studio, it's probably best to learn how to Program using Visual Studio since it's the Industry Standard IDE for Programming. But... Continue Reading →

Microsoft Launch Office Web Applications Launchers for Chrome & Chrome OS

Microsoft have now launched their free Office web apps as Chrome & Chrome OS app launchers. Joining the existing Chrome & Chrome OS app launchers for OneDrive & launchers for Word, Excel, PowerPoint & OneNote, all but Excel are available by searching for the relevant app in the Chrome web Store, for anyone who... Continue Reading →

Microsoft Considering Chromebook Rival

Microsoft are reportedly considering a Chromebook rival called the Bingbook. The Bingbook will be powered by a light version of Windows 8.1 with key Microsoft Services, and is intended as a free or low-cost Upgrade to Windows 7. Microsoft are that desperate to get people to Upgrade to Windows 8.1 that they would go against... Continue Reading →

The Chromebook Test: Living In Google Chrome For A Month (Conclusion)

Well the month is up and I've fallen in love with the Chromebook concept, as they're more affordable than the Windows powered Ultrabooks on the market & the MacBook Air. The big selling points in my opinion are: Lightweight & Portable Chromebooks are more lightweight and portable than Netbooks that are on the market and... Continue Reading →

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