How Can The England Men’s Team Become Competitive Again??


After a dismal start to the 2014 World Cup sees England going out of the competition at the Group Stage how can England become competitive at International Tournaments again?

With defeats to Italy and Uruguay and one game remaining for England in their World Cup Group that’s now meaningless since both defeats now see England eliminated, what needs to be done to make England competitive again. Is it down to Roy Hodgson’s poor choices, is it down to the overpaid Premier League players that think more of playing for their club over their country or is it down to the fact that Premier League Teams prefer buying in good players from abroad and only having a few token good English players in their teams?

I think it’s down to at least two of the above. The top English players are so over paid that they see playing for their country as an inconvenience and not an honour, because they know that there is so few top English players to choose from that they know they can get away with playing poorly for the National Team as they’ll still get picked.

The Premier League is over crowded with players brought in from abroad that a lot of good English talent never makes it to the Premier League meaning that they never get to play for England. On this point there is four things that could be done, ether bring in an import quota that limits the amount of foreign players that can be on a team, meaning that English players get a fair chance, impose a quota for foreign players that can be on a squad for each match or on the pitch at a time, acknowledge that there are players in leagues lower than the Premier League that are good enough to play for England and would see it as an honour not an inconvenience to play for England, or more controversially follow the England Cricket Team and have all players that are chosen to play for England be under contract to the England Team giving more of an incentive to play at the level you do for your Club Team.

I’d go for all four but the import quota one would have to be down to the Premier League not the FA, and the Premier League wouldn’t bring in a rule that will impact the saleability of the Premier League abroad meaning that the only options are to bring in England Contracts, meaning that the chosen players would be contractually obliged to play at their best and acknowledge the Championship when picking an England Squad.




Is It About Time Dave Jones Was Sacked As Sheffield Wednesday Manager

With Sheffield Wednesday slipping to their third successive 1-1 draw at the hands of Bolton Wanderers at The Reebok Stadium that saw them slip into 23rd place in the SkyBet Championship is it about time that Dave Jones is sacked by Chairman Milan Mandric?

Dave Jones obviously seems to have run out of ideas and is unable to turn things around on the pitch, and his winging about Jermain Johnsons disallowed second half costing them the victory in a post match interview with seems to be coming from a desperate Manager who wants to blame anyone other than himself, as any half decent Manager would encourage his players to pull back that disallowed Goal, & then if that doesn’t work then just admit that it wasn’t to be. Blaming the Linesman for putting his flag up for offside even if it isn’t is just childish of someone who supposedly is a professional,  as the Linesman is human after all and can quite easily make a mistake.

With rumours floating around twitter earlier about two different Business Men interested in buying the Club for £25 Million then it’s certainly about time that Milan Mandric sacked Dave Jones and installed a new Manager with fresh ideas to make the Club more appealing to any perspective buyer.



Bolton Wanderers Vs Sheffield Wednesday Possibly Make Or Break For Dave Jones

Next Saturdays match for Sheffield Wednesday against Bolton Wonderers at the Reebok Stadium could be make or break for Dave Jones as it’ll be the last game before the South Yorkshire Darby against Barnsley at Oakewll on the following Saturday.

Bolton are in 20th place in the SkyBet championship with a record of 1 Win, 5 Draws & 5 Losses compared to Sheffield Wednesday who are in 22nd place with a record of 0 Wins, 6 Draws & 4 Losses. Going by the season records so far it’s not looking to good for Wednesday to pick up a win, & I think that the most that they can hope for is a draw with the worst case scenario being a that they pick up their fifth loss of the season.

My prediction is that Wednesday will go 1-0 down and fight back to pick up a draw, but I’d like to be proven wrong, & will be following the game closely on twitter.

Dave Jones men will be desperate for their first win of the Season, & Dave Jones will be desperate for a win to ease some of the pressure that he’s getting from dissatisfied fans.

Dave Jones needs to do some serious team choice for the game to make sure he picks a team & formation that can compete well enough with Bolton to at least have a good chance taking the lead and capitalize on it instead of taking the lead then sitting back and trying to cruse to a win.

Sheffield Wednesday seriously need to improve their squad if they hope to stay in the Championship, as if they keep up how they are performing so far they will end up getting relegated. Milan Mandric needs to pull his finger out and start caring about the Club or sell it to someone who will give a damn about them otherwise things aren’t looking good.

Serious investment in the transfer budget will give Dave Jones or his successor a good chance of improving the squad enough to battle their way out of the drop zone and into a possible mid table finish.



Is This The Beginning Of The End For Dave Jones As Manager Of Sheffield Wednesday?

With Sheffield Wednesday throwing away a chance of picking up their 1st win of the season for the second time this month and only picking up yet another 1-1 Draw surely time is running out for Dave Jones as manager of Sheffield Wednesday as both 23rd Place Yeovil Town and 24th Place Barnsley have both picked up 1 win so far this season while Sheffield Wednesday sit in 22nd Place with 0 Wins, 6 Draws and 4 Losses. The Match against Barnsley at Oakwell on the 26th of October will probably be a make or break match for Dave Jones.  If Wednesday manage to pull off their first win of the season then Dave Jones might get to keep his job for a while longer, a draw might see him get a stay of execution, but a loss would more than likely see Dave Jones lose his job. Wednesday haven’t improved their squad this season compared to the other Championship teams, and this needs addressing if Wednesday want to keep their place in the Championship next season, and the only way that can happen is if Milan Mandric sees sense and fires Dave Jones and brings in a manager with fresh ideas that can help push Wednesday forward and back into the Premiership.



Will Dave Jones Still Be In Charge Of Sheffield Wednesday After Tonight?

Will Dave Jones still be in charge of Sheffield Wednesday tonight, or will Milan Mandric do the sensible thing and decide enough is enough and bow down to pressure from the fans that want to see him out.

This I can see will come down to weather or not he can steer Sheffield Wednesday to a victory against Brighton at Flamer Stadium tonight.  Brighton are sitting comfortably 10 places above Sheffield Wednesday with 2 Wins, 3 Draws and 1 Loss in their last six games and a season record of 3 Wins, 3 Draws and 3 Losses, this compares to Sheffield Wednesdays pretty dismal start to the 2013/14 Championship season who’s last six games are 3 Draws and 2 Losses and a season record of  0 Wins, 4 Draws and 4 Losses. Three points tonight should give him a stay of execution, 1 point might bring him a one game stay of execution but a second loss on the bounce, a 5th loss in the League and a 6th loss in all competitions should see the end of him in charge of Sheffield Wednesday.

This all depends on if Milan Mandric has got a clue on what to do, and whether or not if he has got the Clubs best interest at heart.



Is Time About To Run Out For Dave Jones

With Sheffield Wednesday struggling to win matches this season and stuck in 22nd place in the Championship with a current record of 0 Wins- 4 Draws-4 Losses, is time about to run out for Dave Jones as Manager of this once great Club that was one of the founding members of the FA Premier League back in 1992.


Sheffield Wednesday fans are fed up with Dave Jones excuses and are putting pressure on both Dave Jones and Chairman Milan Mandric for change.

Sheffield Wednesday are win-less in all competitions so far this Season and 11 out of them they’ve been in a winning  winning position.


It’s about time that Milan Mandric woke up and did something before Sheffield Wednesday become a laughing stock.




Possible Summer Signings

The Sheffield Steelers could be set to make a summer move for Canadian David Ling and American Joe Jensen. BIH sources at Gazzetta Hockey understand that Steelers head coach Ryan Finnerty is looking at the duo who have been playing their hockey in Italy this season with Val Pusteria.
Ling could be the high profile former NHLer who the Steelers have recently been reported to be tracking. The 37-year-old forward, who finished second top points scorer in the Italian A1, certainly has the profile to match the ambitions of the forward thinking Steelers organisation. His resume boasts the Montreal Canadiens and Columbus Blue Jackets in the NHL as well as Amur Khabarovsk in the KHL.
Jensen comes from a family renowned for producing hockey players with one his cousins being that of former Los Angeles Kings’ forward Steve Jenson. Both Ling and Jensen are believed to be interested in a schooling contract, with the option becoming an increasingly major advantage to Elite League clubs over their European rivals.
The duo are currently heading into the Italian playoff finals with Val Pusteria in a best of seven series against Bolzano. Until the series is complete the duo are unlikely to make a decision on their futures, however they certainly look to be the calibre of player Steelers owner Tony Smith is looking to bring to South Yorkshire for the 2012/13 season.