The Gaza Conflict: An Easy Solution To End It

  With fighting still going on in the Middle East between Israelis and Palestinians which has gone on and off since 2006 & with two failed ceasefire in the current round of the conflict, wouldn't it be far simpler to end the conflict for good-by simply stopping all Media coverage of the conflict? Now many... Continue Reading →


The DWP’s Job Search Website Awash With Catalogue Distributing Jobs

The DWP's Job Search website is awash with Catalogue Distributing Jobs, as out of the 17 Pages of results for a search of Retail & Warehousing jobs about 5-6 of the pages were for Catalogue Distributing Jobs. Many of the Catalogue Distributing Jobs say that they're Full-time despite being commission only, so no guaranteed income... Continue Reading →

Beware Of NatWest Bank

I'd like to say that everyone in the UK should Beware Of NatWest Bank, as I've recently run into them over charging on Interest & Charges. I had enough money in my Account to cover my Mobile Phone Bill along with the £5.89 Overdraft Interest charge, & a little left over to spend on my... Continue Reading →

The UK, A Country Run By The Rich & Privileged For The Rich & Privileged

After reading this Blog post I thought I'd write one to air my views. The Conservative Environment Minister Richard Ponsonby in August proved how all MP's & politicians are up their own behinds by saying that the poor reconsider their buying habits and resist the temptation to spend more money on the latest electronic gadgets, clothes and... Continue Reading →

Romanian Beggars Who Returned To Romania by tickets Funded By The Taxpayer Have ALREADY Returned To The UK

A group of more than 20 Romania baggers were rounded up in a raid by immigration officers at their encampment on Park Lane in London back in July have since returned to the country just weeks after being given tickets for flights & coaches back to Romania by the UK Border Agency and a taxpayer... Continue Reading →

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