The Gaza Conflict: An Easy Solution To End It



With fighting still going on in the Middle East between Israelis and Palestinians which has gone on and off since 2006 & with two failed ceasefire in the current round of the conflict, wouldn’t it be far simpler to end the conflict for good-by simply stopping all Media coverage of the conflict? Now many of you reading may say that it’s harsh, cruel and inhumane to  just sweep it under the carpet from a Media point of view, also some may even say that it’s slightly racist to o, but just hear me out before judging me.

The Militants in this conflict could be compared to spoiled children as the more they get attention from the Media the more they fight hence the two failed ceasefire. As if this wasn’t just attention seeking then they would have managed to keep the first ceasefire going.

Cutting off all Media coverage could be a bit harsh for a first attempt at ending the Gaza conflict, but at least slowly scaling back the coverage to the point that where all coverage of the conflict by the Media has been cut off. Simply ignoring a child that’s showing off for attention is usually the way to stop the child from showing off.

With how the Israeli and Palestinian Militants are acting then treating them like spoiled children that are showing off might be the simplest solution to ending the conflict, as what started out in 2006 as political fighting over election results in 2005 & 2006 has turned into a political fight for who controls and does what.

Maybe scaling back to an eventual blackout of Media coverage of the conflict might be just the ticket to get it into these Militants thick heads that there petty argument over who controls what just simply isn’t worth killing innocent people over, as in the end they’re going to end up killing everyone off in the area including themselves then no one has actually won control of the area, but thousands of innocent people will have lost their lives because members of a few opposing political groups in to areas of the middle east can’t get along like civilized human beings.

When Political fighting turns into military fighting be it Army against Army, Militants against Army, radicalized Religious groups against everyone that doesn’t believe the same as they do or as in this case Militants against Militants then no one is the winner as Political fighting should be carried out in debates that can eventually bring both parties together for the good of the people, but the trouble with Militant groups is that all they understand is that the way to get their point across is to kill innocent people, and in the case of radicalized Religious groups is that they’re right and everyone is wrong and Racist so must die (but more about this last point in a future Article as I don’t want to take this one to far off topic).

Please feel free to leave your comments below, but make sure that they’re not borderline Racist or threatening in any way as they will be removed.

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American Teacher Sacked For Blog Post About Homophones


After reading this Article on the Metro website I had to write an Article on my feelings about this.

If like what the Principle of the School has said in the Article that homophones are beyond the understanding of most of the student body then it’s portraying a Language School in a bad light since homophones are used in English everyday since it’s the term used for words that sound the same but  have different meanings like there and their.

But since this school is in the deeply religious Utah then it wouldn’t surprise me that the school didn’t teach homophones as the narrow-minded religious types in the US would think that it would encourage homosexuality because of the homo part of homophones.

This teacher shouldn’t get sacked for writing a Blog post on homophones since it should be in the curriculum or whatever the American version is, as he’s simply been sacked because he’s a teacher in a narrow-minded, deeply religious and backwards State that thinks anything with the homo in the word will lead to homosexuality.

Homosexuality is genetically encoded and not a choice makes the reason for this teachers dismissal even more backwards, but then when the religious nut jobs in Utah and Texas don’t even believe in evolution or Genetics as it has nothing to do with God or Creationism.

the Utah School board needs to look into the running of this so-called Language School if a simple thing like homophones is beyond the understanding of most of the student body of the school.

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UKIP Party Members Are In The News Again


Less than a day after my last Article where I asked if UKIP were racist homophobes UKIP Councillor & MEP candidate Janice Atkins has made the news when she became infuriated by anti-UKIP protesters while on the campaign trail.

Ms Atkinson who describes herself as Nigel Farage’s number two is reported to have hurled abuse as a group of Green Party Members who were holding a peaceful protest. One Green Party Member who was part of the protest also said that she faced comments about her size, Ms Atkinson defended her actions by saying that the group were harassing the public & comments made about UKIP Members.

UKIP Councillor Janice Atkins

UKIP Councillor Janice Atkins

Last week Ms Atkins made the headlines by saying that parts of Kent are “no-go-areas” due to gangs of Eastern European immigrants. This just proves that UKIP are racist homophobes that act childish when anyone doesn’t like them.

Thank god that UKIP are only a minor party when it comes to the General Election otherwise we’d end up living in a racist homophobic Dictatorship that would take away our free speech.

Ms Atkinson is the second choice candidate behind Nigel Farage for the South East. This means that she’ll be Elected MEP if she wins two or more seats.



Are UKIP Homophobic Racists?


Today I’m taking a break from my usual Technology Articles for a bit of UK Politics. 

Last night Saturday 17th May 2014 I read a blog post somewhere (can’t remember where I found it, but I’ll add a link when I find it) about a UKIP Councillor publicly stated “poofters should be shot to make the remaining 99% turn straight”, and Party leader Nigel Farage didn’t condemn the councillor for his comment during a LBC Radio interview.

This isn’t really professional behaviour of a Public figure such as a Councillor or a Political Party Leader, but after reading this Metro Article Where the Leader of the Labour Party Ed Miliband has publicly defended racist comments from Mr. Farge.  Nigel Farage publicly said that he was uncomfortable with people speaking a foreign language on public transport, comments which he later defended during a LBC Radio interview.

UKIP Leader Nigel Farge

UKIP Leader Nigel Farage

It’s not the first time that Mr. Farage and UKIP have faced a backlash for racist comments, UKIP are becoming just as bad as the EDL if not worse now that they’ve shown that they’re homophobic as well as racist. UKIP’s latest poster ahead of the local and EU Elections says that Nigel Farge will give Britain its voice back, but they’re probably now fudging the truth as it seems that UKIP will only give the voice back to Britain if you’re homophobic, racist and come from an era where being homophobic and racist was acceptable.



Channel 5 Continues The Sustained Hate Campaign Against Benefit Claiments

Since the Government started it’s campaign of making people on benefits to look like lazy scroungers living a life of luxury on tax payers money there has been a string of Documentaries on the TV that are filmed in a way to back up this government propaganda.

Channel 4 started it all off last August  with Benefits 1949 , then Channel 5 continued this trend in October with On Benefits & Proud, Channel 4’s latest smear campaign against people on benefits Benefits Street started at the beginning of this month.

I got a flyer through the letterbox from Channel 5 looking for people on benefits to partake in a new Documentary that will more than likely be produced in a way that will paint the participants in the same light as the rest of these so-called Documentaries.

Channel 5 benefits program flyer.

Channel 5 benefits program flyer.

These programs are probably paid for back handers of tax payers money as an incentive for them to be produced in a biased way that shows people who are on benefits to fit in with what the government has semi successfully brainwashed the non benefit claiming population into turning on the benefit claiming population of the country.

They are probably hoping that these benefits Documentaries will fully have the non benefit claiming population brainwashed into believing the deluded thoughts of the government & divide a nation that’s on its knees already.

The BBC has even joined in on this propaganda by reporting the false benefits statistics that has been spouted by Ian Duncan Smith for years.

One step further

The government has gone one step further with all their anti-benefits propaganda by pushing a bill through parliament that outlaws charities and local community groups along with bloggers from criticizing or opposing the government in the year leading up to a general election.

This new law doesn’t curb the abuse of the system by big business to get their own financial gain, and is one step in making this country a Dictatorship.

I can foresee the next step being that the general election will be rigged so that the Conservatives will win it, then they will push through a bill outlawing free speech at the start of their new term before forcing a bill through Parliament outlawing political opposition to the government, meaning that this mentally deluded bunch of snobs will be able to do what they want to ruin this country without anyone being able to say or do anything to criticize or oppose them.

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Is The Government Throwing Money Down The Drain With The Failing Work Program For Job seekers?

Is The Government Throwing Money Down The Drain With The Failing Work Program For Job seekers?

I think tat the answer to the question is most definitely yes, the number of people out of work for more than two years – the very people the Work Programme should be helping – has more than doubled since the general election, and the rate that those out of work for more than a year are coming off benefits has halved in the last 12 months.

The Work Program is a waste of Job seekers time as it’s basically just doing the same job search as what has to be done every week to satisfy the DWP requirement for benefit, it serves no advantage to people who have got Internet access at home as it’s just job searching at the providers office.

The work Program is supposed to be there to help Job Seekers find long term sustained employment.  I can’t vouch for other providers or there sub contractors, but the provider that I’m with has contracted out the work program in my area to a company called Wise Ability, and Wise Ability claim to want to help job seekers find long term sustained work, but if you take a close look at there website they are an employment agency, and totally ignore your Job Seekers agreement and try to force you into doing production line work regardless of if it’s on your Job Seekers Agreement or not.

Agency work isn’t long term sustained work as you don’t know from one day to the next if you will be earning anything or not.  Also with the changes to the Job Seekers Agreement regarding suspension from making a claim etc that the DWP have recently brought in it basically means that you will be stuck in an unstable job that you can’t get out of unless you have got enough money to support yourself while serving a suspension of up to 3 years.

The Labour Party have branded the Government’s Work Programme a “failure” on Monday, as it published new figures showing that the number of people out of work for over two years has more than doubled since the general election.

My call to Mr Cameron is to axe the Work Program and go back to the old in house New Deal scheme that was being used in the past, it would save the Government millions that could be used to pay off some of the country’s debit.

If long term unemployed are finding it hard to get long term sustained work it’s not due to the fact that they are lazy  or work shy, it’s due to the fact that the Governments aggressive job cuts in the Public sector have caused that many extra people to loose there job that there is an extra strain on the benefit system, and the aggressive Public Sector job cuts have in-advertently caused Private Sector employers to ether axe jobs or reduce the amount of vacancies that they make available, also in turn there are that many unemployed people that companies that are setting on have got such a huge pool of potential employees that they can afford to be picky with who they hire.

So  I ask you Is The Government Throwing Money Down The Drain With The Failing Work Program For Job seekers?

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Fulghum In To Replace Saritch & Flath Out

The Sheffield Steelers announced today that they have signed former Country Blaze D-Man Luke Fulgham to Replace injured Rod Saritch until the end of the season.While Forward R.G Flath who the Steelers signed on a 60 day Contract to cover Mike Ramsey will leave the club and return to North America when his contract expires.
Captain Jonathan Phillips will be back in action for the Steelers after a lengthy spell out injured.
The Steelers will also be looking to kick some life back into there attempt to keep the Elite League Title that they regained last season along with their fight to earn a place in the Semi-Finals of the Elite League Challenge Cup after a some what inconsistent start to both Campaigns.
The Steelers will also be hoping to forget a some what disappointing weekend in Hearining Denmark where they failed to record a single win in there 3 Continental Cup group games where they only came away with 1point after losing there opening game 4-3 on penalties on Friday afternoon against HC Asiago of italy,they then failed to score a single goal on Saturday afternoon and ended up losing 3-0 against host team Hearning Blue Foxes before suffering a 6-3 defeat to Dunaujvarosi Acelbikak of Hungary on Sunday. This was a dissapointing Continental Cup Campaign for players, staff & fans alike after the successful Continental Cup Campaign of 2009 when they won all 3 of their Semi-Final group and then walked away with the Bronze Medal in the Super Final when they take on the Cariff Devils in the Elite League on Saturday evening at the Sheffield MotorPoint Arena.
Tickets are priced
Adults:              £16.50
Under 16:         £5
Concessions:    £12
Under 5’s Free (Ticket Still Required)
Call the MotorPoint Arena Box Office on 0114 256 5656 or visit the Sheffield Steelers Website.
Directions to the MotorPoint Arena.

Doors open at 6pm for a 7pm Face-off.
Sheffield be loud and proud for one of the mist successful sporting teams in Sheffield & have a fun filled family night out at the Arena supporting the SHEFFIELD STEELERS.

The Steelers then travel to Hull on Sunday to take on the Hull Stings.