American Teacher Sacked For Blog Post About Homophones


After reading this Article on the Metro website I had to write an Article on my feelings about this.

If like what the Principle of the School has said in the Article that homophones are beyond the understanding of most of the student body then it’s portraying a Language School in a bad light since homophones are used in English everyday since it’s the term used for words that sound the same but  have different meanings like there and their.

But since this school is in the deeply religious Utah then it wouldn’t surprise me that the school didn’t teach homophones as the narrow-minded religious types in the US would think that it would encourage homosexuality because of the homo part of homophones.

This teacher shouldn’t get sacked for writing a Blog post on homophones since it should be in the curriculum or whatever the American version is, as he’s simply been sacked because he’s a teacher in a narrow-minded, deeply religious and backwards State that thinks anything with the homo in the word will lead to homosexuality.

Homosexuality is genetically encoded and not a choice makes the reason for this teachers dismissal even more backwards, but then when the religious nut jobs in Utah and Texas don’t even believe in evolution or Genetics as it has nothing to do with God or Creationism.

the Utah School board needs to look into the running of this so-called Language School if a simple thing like homophones is beyond the understanding of most of the student body of the school.

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Romanian Beggars Who Returned To Romania by tickets Funded By The Taxpayer Have ALREADY Returned To The UK

A group of more than 20 Romania baggers were rounded up in a raid by immigration officers at their encampment on Park Lane in London back in July have since returned to the country just weeks after being given tickets for flights & coaches back to Romania by the UK Border Agency and a taxpayer funded homeless charity.

This means that the taxpayer has basically funded a Summer Holiday back home to Romania for this group of Beggars.  But under EU Law the Romanians have a right to be here for 90 days after this time they need to be working, studying or self-sufficient, but sleeping rough and begging are grounds for removal.

The Home Office has  demanded that the European Commission tighten up EU laws.

The only sensible way to deal with this surely is for Britain to end its EU Membership before the restrictions in Britain on Romanians and Bulgarians, which limit them to certain jobs will be removed After January 1, as the taxpayer basically funding their Summer Holiday back to Romania through free tickets for flights & coaches back to Romania is a waste of taxpayers money that could be used to fund something that has a benefit to Britain as paying for Romanian Beggars to go back to Romania only for them to return weeks later is pretty much a waste of taxpayers money.

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Family of Al Qaeda Terrorist Set To Be Evicted From The Home They Own Because ‘He Used It As A Base To Recruit Jihadists’

Is it right that the family of Al Qaeda terrorist set to be evicted from the home they own because ‘he used it as a base to recruit jihadists’?

In my opinion the family should have no right to live there as it was the base for recruiting terrorists, so anti-terror laws should be allowed to evict the family from their own home and there should be no right given to local authorities to re home them as they have intentionally made their self homeless by letting him use it as a base to recruit jihadists.

In fact his family should be deported back to Pakistan as a sign that Britain will not let terrorists live in this country, and they should also have their Passports revoked from them as they are deported to stop them re-entering the country.

Family of Al Qaeda terrorist set to be evicted from the home they own because ‘he used it as a base to recruit jihadists’

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Greece Set To Hold Referendum Over Eurozone Bail Out

With Greece set to hold a referendum over Eurozone bail out in December or January, to me it sounds like a huge middle finger to the rest of the Eurozone countries who have contributed to the €1 trillion bail out fund.

The remaining Eurozone countries should turn round and tell Greece that they are on their own to get the country out of the mess that they’re in.

Most countries in the Eurozone would jump at the offer of some if the €1 trillion bail out fund if they we’re in the same state as Greece.

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Euro Zone Crisis Effects Britain

After reading this report I had to write this post.

How the hell does the Euro Zone crisis effect Britain when we are not directly involved with it Mr. Cameron you are a prick and don’t know what the hell you are talking about.

Why should Britain have to bail out countries that have gone down the shitter because they are part of a weak currency, Britain is already going down the shitter thanks to you and the coalition government, so why should we speed up the demise if this country just to look good to the rest of Europe.

It’s about time that you resigned because you are about as much use as a blind guide dog. You are a posh prick that thinks you are competent at ruling this country, but guess what you are an incompetent prick like Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.

Rant over.


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All US Troops To Leave Iraq

After reading this report about all US troops to be withdrawn from Iraq by the end of the year, is it not about time that the Coalition Government pulled all UK troops out of Iraq and maybe sooner than the US.

Wouldn’t pulling UK troops out if Iraq save the Government some money that could be used to not cut services like Policing, and to save extra money why not pull UK troops out of Afghanistan by the end of the year.

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Osamas dead

Now that Osama Bin Laiden has been killed is it now not about time that all troops were pulled out of Afghanistan and Iraq, as the man that the US military were after is now dead there is now no need for anymore western troops to get killed for no reason.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.