Channel 5 Continues The Sustained Hate Campaign Against Benefit Claiments

Since the Government started it’s campaign of making people on benefits to look like lazy scroungers living a life of luxury on tax payers money there has been a string of Documentaries on the TV that are filmed in a way to back up this government propaganda.

Channel 4 started it all off last August  with Benefits 1949 , then Channel 5 continued this trend in October with On Benefits & Proud, Channel 4’s latest smear campaign against people on benefits Benefits Street started at the beginning of this month.

I got a flyer through the letterbox from Channel 5 looking for people on benefits to partake in a new Documentary that will more than likely be produced in a way that will paint the participants in the same light as the rest of these so-called Documentaries.

Channel 5 benefits program flyer.

Channel 5 benefits program flyer.

These programs are probably paid for back handers of tax payers money as an incentive for them to be produced in a biased way that shows people who are on benefits to fit in with what the government has semi successfully brainwashed the non benefit claiming population into turning on the benefit claiming population of the country.

They are probably hoping that these benefits Documentaries will fully have the non benefit claiming population brainwashed into believing the deluded thoughts of the government & divide a nation that’s on its knees already.

The BBC has even joined in on this propaganda by reporting the false benefits statistics that has been spouted by Ian Duncan Smith for years.

One step further

The government has gone one step further with all their anti-benefits propaganda by pushing a bill through parliament that outlaws charities and local community groups along with bloggers from criticizing or opposing the government in the year leading up to a general election.

This new law doesn’t curb the abuse of the system by big business to get their own financial gain, and is one step in making this country a Dictatorship.

I can foresee the next step being that the general election will be rigged so that the Conservatives will win it, then they will push through a bill outlawing free speech at the start of their new term before forcing a bill through Parliament outlawing political opposition to the government, meaning that this mentally deluded bunch of snobs will be able to do what they want to ruin this country without anyone being able to say or do anything to criticize or oppose them.

Rant over




DWP Stupidity

I was forced to write this post after a phone call that my wife had with the DWP on friday the 20th of May about our joint JSA claim.

My wife is under a 12 hour part time contract with Bon Marche and I’m currently unemployed after being made reduntant from my last job last April. My wife is currently on maternity leave that she started on the 22nd of April. She gave birth to our son on the 11th of May, and on Friday we received a letter saying that the JSA claim had been re assesed and that the claim now was for £3.86 a weekbecause according to the DWP my wife is getting £102 a week maternity pay from her work, and she doesn’t even know how much maternity pay that she is getting from work yet as she has not received a pay slip from work. She was also told that the £3.86 a week was to top up her maternity pay, which makes my part of the JSA claim £0.00 a week and I’m still expected to spend money to find work an go to sign on while our small ammount of savings my wifes maternity pay and the £3.86 a week JSA that is topping up her maternity pay has to support a family of three.

How the hell am I supposed to go out and find work and go to sign on every forghtnight when technically I’m not getting any JSA to warrent me to do everything that the Job Centre asks of me?

My wife and I didn’t ask for the claim to be a joint claim, it was just thrust upon us when my single claim for JSA got switched from Contributions based JSA to Income based JSA. The DWPs answer was that I’ve got to take my wifes pay slips with me when I next sign on so that they can sort the claim out. Ther thing is that the Job Centre has got a revolving door system with there being that many people currently unemployed and you only get time to confirm your identity and sign on before they go on to the next person.

The people in the offices that work for the DWP/Job Centres don’t see what goes on in the front line of the Job Centres. The whole benifits system is a mess at the moment and I wouldn’t be supprised if the DWP bo this in the hopes that people that are unemployed say fuck it I want to sign off and try and live with no income coming in or with whatever minimum wage income that there partner is bringing in. I for one won’t be bullied into signing off without a job just to make the Governments fiddled statistics that says x million people found employment just to help mmake them look good and there over inflated pay packets look like thety are well earned.

Rant over