Skullcandy UpRock Un-boxing

Skullcandy Logo Skullcandy Navy & Gold

I was looking for some on the ear headphones for YouTube viewing on my Laptop, Phone & Tablet, Podcast listening on my Phone, Music listening on my Laptop, Phone & Tablet & some light gaming on my Windows Laptop as I usually use my Microsoft LifeChat headset for extended gaming and after watching many YouTube videos I decided on the Skullcandy UpRock or JVC  HA-S44X Xtreme Xplosives. After looking at both pairs of headphones I decided on the Skullcandy UpRock’s as the size of the JVC Xtreame Xplosives were a little on the large side for any kind of use other than at home.

I really wanted the Navy & Gold UpRock’s that I’d seen on the Argos website (a UK retail chain) and was a little disappointed that they were out of stock as they were reported to have been an Argos exclusive colour, so I settled on a choice of the UpRock Rasta’s, UpRock in Black or the UpRock Space, while out I went into my closest B&M Store (a UK discount retailer) and saw that they had got the UpRock’s for £9.99 in both the regular & with Mic versions.

I was tempted to get the UpRock’s with Mic until I realized that they were in a sort of Plum Pink, so I decided to get the Navy regular UpRock’s which to my amazement were intact the Navy & Gold version that Argos had advertised as being an Argos exclusive colour. So here’s my un-boxing.


The box is kind of unique design as it has the feel of a box that would contain headphones in the price range of Beats by dr.dre, Soul by Ludacris or Streets by 50 and not of a pair of headphones in the budget category.

Boxed Skullcandy UpRock's

Boxed Skullcandy UpRock’s

The bottom of the box has a rip strip opening but is still surprisingly well sealed shut. once open it revivals the  cable of the headphones and a documentation leaflet.

Opened box revealing the Cable & Documentation leaflet

Opened box revealing the Cable & Documentation leaflet

The cable of the UpRock’s is fixed into the headphones & is non removable like many of the budget headphones on the market, but surprisingly it’s a flat tangle free cable and has a soft touch feel to it with an unusual elongated plug allowing it to be easily removed, but the shape of the plug might not fit in a phone that’s in a case like the Lunatik Taktik Extreme or any other shock or weatherproof case without the use of an extension cable.

Documentation leaflet.

Documentation leaflet.

The documentation leaflet just basically has a few warning information on it in various languages and is nothing of any real interest.

UpRocks out of box still in packaging.

UpRock’s out of box still in packaging.

Now onto the UpRock’s themselves. They are lightweight and covered in a soft touch feeling coating with a matt gold metallic looking Scullcandy logo on the arms where they enter the cups creating a hinge to allow the cups to move, the headphones don’t extend very much but for me I don’t need to extend them to fit my head comfortably. The ear pads are soft and then unusually the covered ear pads are covered in material instead of having the material under the ear pads, the ear pads have the Skullcandy logo on them along with Skullcandy being embossed on the under side of the headband.

They have a clicking plastic sound when shaken, but then for a pair of headphones made of plastic that are normally priced at £24.99 including the Skullcandy web store then this can be forgiven.

I’ll have a full review coming up in the following days or weeks, once I’ve had the chance to use them over a long period.




The Gaza Conflict: An Easy Solution To End It



With fighting still going on in the Middle East between Israelis and Palestinians which has gone on and off since 2006 & with two failed ceasefire in the current round of the conflict, wouldn’t it be far simpler to end the conflict for good-by simply stopping all Media coverage of the conflict? Now many of you reading may say that it’s harsh, cruel and inhumane to  just sweep it under the carpet from a Media point of view, also some may even say that it’s slightly racist to o, but just hear me out before judging me.

The Militants in this conflict could be compared to spoiled children as the more they get attention from the Media the more they fight hence the two failed ceasefire. As if this wasn’t just attention seeking then they would have managed to keep the first ceasefire going.

Cutting off all Media coverage could be a bit harsh for a first attempt at ending the Gaza conflict, but at least slowly scaling back the coverage to the point that where all coverage of the conflict by the Media has been cut off. Simply ignoring a child that’s showing off for attention is usually the way to stop the child from showing off.

With how the Israeli and Palestinian Militants are acting then treating them like spoiled children that are showing off might be the simplest solution to ending the conflict, as what started out in 2006 as political fighting over election results in 2005 & 2006 has turned into a political fight for who controls and does what.

Maybe scaling back to an eventual blackout of Media coverage of the conflict might be just the ticket to get it into these Militants thick heads that there petty argument over who controls what just simply isn’t worth killing innocent people over, as in the end they’re going to end up killing everyone off in the area including themselves then no one has actually won control of the area, but thousands of innocent people will have lost their lives because members of a few opposing political groups in to areas of the middle east can’t get along like civilized human beings.

When Political fighting turns into military fighting be it Army against Army, Militants against Army, radicalized Religious groups against everyone that doesn’t believe the same as they do or as in this case Militants against Militants then no one is the winner as Political fighting should be carried out in debates that can eventually bring both parties together for the good of the people, but the trouble with Militant groups is that all they understand is that the way to get their point across is to kill innocent people, and in the case of radicalized Religious groups is that they’re right and everyone is wrong and Racist so must die (but more about this last point in a future Article as I don’t want to take this one to far off topic).

Please feel free to leave your comments below, but make sure that they’re not borderline Racist or threatening in any way as they will be removed.

Rant over



Channel 5 Continues The Sustained Hate Campaign Against Benefit Claiments

Since the Government started it’s campaign of making people on benefits to look like lazy scroungers living a life of luxury on tax payers money there has been a string of Documentaries on the TV that are filmed in a way to back up this government propaganda.

Channel 4 started it all off last August  with Benefits 1949 , then Channel 5 continued this trend in October with On Benefits & Proud, Channel 4’s latest smear campaign against people on benefits Benefits Street started at the beginning of this month.

I got a flyer through the letterbox from Channel 5 looking for people on benefits to partake in a new Documentary that will more than likely be produced in a way that will paint the participants in the same light as the rest of these so-called Documentaries.

Channel 5 benefits program flyer.

Channel 5 benefits program flyer.

These programs are probably paid for back handers of tax payers money as an incentive for them to be produced in a biased way that shows people who are on benefits to fit in with what the government has semi successfully brainwashed the non benefit claiming population into turning on the benefit claiming population of the country.

They are probably hoping that these benefits Documentaries will fully have the non benefit claiming population brainwashed into believing the deluded thoughts of the government & divide a nation that’s on its knees already.

The BBC has even joined in on this propaganda by reporting the false benefits statistics that has been spouted by Ian Duncan Smith for years.

One step further

The government has gone one step further with all their anti-benefits propaganda by pushing a bill through parliament that outlaws charities and local community groups along with bloggers from criticizing or opposing the government in the year leading up to a general election.

This new law doesn’t curb the abuse of the system by big business to get their own financial gain, and is one step in making this country a Dictatorship.

I can foresee the next step being that the general election will be rigged so that the Conservatives will win it, then they will push through a bill outlawing free speech at the start of their new term before forcing a bill through Parliament outlawing political opposition to the government, meaning that this mentally deluded bunch of snobs will be able to do what they want to ruin this country without anyone being able to say or do anything to criticize or oppose them.

Rant over



Homophobic Ukip Councillor Suspended After saying He’s Praying For Gay People To Be Healed Of Their ‘Spiritual Disease’

Ukip councillor David Silvester said the legalisation of gay marriage is to blame for the bad weather (Picture: Henley Conservatives)

Ukip councillor David Silvester said the legalisation of gay marriage is to blame for the bad weather (Picture: Henley Conservatives)

According to sky News David Silvester the Ukip Councillor for Henley-On-Thames has been suspended by the party after revealing that he is praying for gay people to be healed of their ‘spiritual disease’ .

today in a radio interview he said that he warned the prime minister that there would be ‘repercussion’ if gay marriage is to go ahead, and that his daily prayers convinced him that the recent flooding was the consequence.

He also told BBC Radio Berkshire that he doesn’t have a problem with gay people.’ I believe that as a Christian I should love gay people and indeed I do. My prayer is for them to be healed.’

He also added ‘it’s nonsense to say it’s homophobic. If you love someone enough to want them to be healed and have a proper family, it’s hardly homophobic.’

‘It’s a spiritual disease…. it is not what I say it’s what the Bible says.’

Silvester, a former Conservative who defected to Ukip, added that he’s been told not to give any more interviews.

The Police should get involved as it’s clearly meant to be homophobic, as this is more like you would expect to be spouted by the homophobic Bible basher’s in the southern states of the US.

‘If you love someone enough to want them to be healed and have a proper family, it’s hardly homophobic.’

This line is incredibly homophobic as if you love someone enough you don’t care if their sexual orientation is different to your own as long as they’re happy who they are.

Rant over



Ukip Councillor Says Gay Marriage Is To Blame For The Bad Weather

Ukip councillor David Silvester said the legalisation of gay marriage is to blame for the bad weather (Picture: Henley Conservatives)

Ukip councillor David Silvester said the legalisation of gay marriage is to blame for the bad weather (Picture: Henley Conservatives)

After reading this Article on the Metro website today all I can say is this man for real, blaming the bad weather & floods on Gay Marriage?

This is very narrow-minded of a Public figure, & what will come next a Conservative or Liberal Democrat MP blaming the bad weather & floods on people who are claiming Benefits?

A public figure like this Ukip Councillor shouldn’t be airing any views that could be seen as racist e.t.c or in this case Homophobic without facing serious consequences, as if it was anyone else who had blamed the bad weather & floods on Gay Marriage they would be getting investigated by the Police.

This bible bashing Homophobic Councillor isn’t even going to get reprimanded, and with the next General Election coming next year this isn’t  the best time for any form of controversy within the UK Independence Party.

Hopefully this councillor will lose his job at the next Election & will then be able to face any indiscretion that he has like a normal person instead of getting away with it like all public figures do.

But then what do you expect from a former Conservative Councillor?

Rant over



Blogger Vs WordPress And Why I Decided To Return To WordPress

In this post I’ll compare Blogger Vs WordPress And Why I Decided To Return To WordPress.

I switched my Blog from WordPress to Blogger in late 2011 to explore all the tools that Google offer for Blogs and Websites such as Analytics and AdSense, but I was unable to build up a following similar to what I had built up on here.  Google then took it on themselves to block my AdSense Account stating that I’d breached the Terms & Conditions of AdSense, but never explained what I’d supposedly done to breach the AdSense Terms & Conditions. I then tried  to get Google Authorship & Author Rank working which it never did properly, but I still continued to write posts until this year when I just couldn’t be bothered with Blogging any more that is until this morning when I decided to dust off my WordPress Account and start again.

The main reasons that I decided to ditch Blogger and return to WordPress are:

Admin Console

  • Blogger’s Admin Console is to cluttered and not logically organised compared to the WordPress Admin Console.


  • Blogger relies heavily on editing HTML & XML code to do a lot of the Customizing of a site.
  • Most of Blogger’s Themes are paid compared to WordPress that ether has more Free Themes or a 50/50 split.
  • Blogger isn’t as user friendly as WordPress to get to look how you want it.


  • Blogger only has the choice to share a Post with Google+ compared with WordPress where I can share with Google+, Facebook & Twitter along with other social services that I’m not a user of.

Post Editor

  • Blogger’s Post Editor is a simple lightweight editor.
  • WordPress’s Post Editor is a Feature rich editor that has all the options that you would expect in a Word Processor.

Categorizing Posts

  • Blogger only uses tags to categorize posts which is a bit limiting.
  • WordPress uses tags and Categories to categorize posts which gives you a lot more flexibility.


  • Blogger’s Themes seem to be highly geared towards the average user, but require HTML & XML coding knowlage.
  • WordPress’s Themes cater for everyone from the average user and are easy to customize to your exact needs via drag & drop widgets and don’t need any code editing to get what you want.


  • Blogger seems to be heavily geared towards users of Google’s services who want to take advantage of Google AdSense to make money or Professionals who have money to invest in someone to code the Customization of their site just the way they want it, but they do offer unlimited free video & images in posts.
  • WordPress is geared to the average Blogger who wants to just produce content, and has an easy to use set of settings for customization. WordPress also offers various Add-on Packages if you want more that the basics you get with the Free service.  WordPress has a very helpful Support Team and a very useful and friendly forum. WordPress also offers the WordPress Framework as a free download from if you want to self host your WordPress site from ether a leased Server or your own private server which is very handy if you are a company that wants to keep their Blog in-house or if you are just the average user that wants the greater flexibility that you get with self hosting ether privately or via a leased server.

I also found that getting any form of Ranking was totally impossible most of the time with Blogger, compared to with WordPress & no matter how much effort I put into tweaking the Title of a Post I could never get a Rank anywhere in Google compared to WordPress where a little Tweaking and re-tweaking if necessary I could get a decent Ranking depending on the Post subject.



Press Regulation Poses A Real Danger, Says Patten

BBC Trust Chairman Lord Pattern has told the Society of Editors conference that Press Regulation poses a real danger, and that only the Press can Reform the Press.

I’m all for Press Regulation to force the Press to reform as long as the regulation doesn’t go as far as to include Blogger’s.  As a keen Blogger is be upset if my blogging  started to be regulated.  But big Press needs to be regulated to stop phone hacking & other illegal & corrupt goings on to get a story.

Press Regulation Poses A Real Danger, Says Patten.  I say regulate the press but don’t take the regulating to far.

Rant over