Next Article Update

I've decided that my next article is going to be slightly on the Political side. I currently can't decide wether to go with a Multi-part article with the first part getting written and posted tomorrow Wednesday July 25, or go for one long article with the first part of it getting written tomorrow Wednesday July... Continue Reading →


I’m Back!!!!!!!

After almost 3 years away from the Blog due to a busy personal life that has included 2 temporary jobs, briefly forgetting my login details meaning I had to setup another Blog that I could never get the inspiration to write any content for & most recently fracturing my right ankle in two places (which... Continue Reading →

Skullcandy UpRock Un-boxing

I was looking for some on the ear headphones for YouTube viewing on my Laptop, Phone & Tablet, Podcast listening on my Phone, Music listening on my Laptop, Phone & Tablet & some light gaming on my Windows Laptop as I usually use my Microsoft LifeChat headset for extended gaming and after watching many YouTube... Continue Reading →

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