Police cuts row erupts

This Article is worrying for the residents of South Yorkshire as there are never any Police on the streets as it is.

If South Yorkshire Police has to take any cuts it will only make things worse as crime and anti social behaviour is only going to get even worse, and South Yorkshire will become a lawless place.

Police Forces shouldn’t have to take cuts to save money.  I say that government and councils should take cuts and increase thebudgets of much needed services that include the Police.

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Paedophile rapist wins appeal bid

Reading this Article makes me feel angry that a convicted Paedophile and rapist can have his 14 year sentence cut to a 12 year sentence.  How is this going to teach him that it is not ok to rape under age children, just because he has pleaded guilty to the charges doesn’t mean a thing as he will only do it again.

For convicted Paedophiles it should be life behind bars with no parole or the death penalty, not praising them for pleading guilty and cutting their sentence on appeal.

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Gang turned home into drug farm

I feel sorry for the man involved in this Article.  He let his Victorian House out via a Letting Agency while he went on holiday tor recover from illness and these people scam their way through the Letting Agencies checks and wreck this house so they can turn it into a Cannabis Farm.

The Gang should have gotten more that two years in prison for this.

They conned the Letting Agency into Letting the House to them, they then committed criminal damage by wrecking the house, they also stole possessions and valuables and finally stole electricity by bypassing the meter so they could use electricity for free to grow their Cannabis.

This gang should get locked up and left behind bars forever for this act of disrespect, fraud and theft.

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Corrupt Pc jailed over kidnap plot

After reading this Article it makes me think that no wonder youths and criminals have no respect for the Police when select Police Officers don’t even respect the badge they ware and the warrant card they carry.

If the Police want respect then they need to flush out and sack these corrupt Officers then the Police would get the respect that they deserve.

This corrupt PC has also got what he deserves

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After reading this Daily Star Article I thought it would make a fitting post to mark my 60th Blog Post as after dipping my to in Blogging with three technology Blog Posts in one of my old Blog sites Crime was my first serious Blog Post in another old Blog site, and since I merged all my Blog sites into this one I’ve Blogged about Crime several times more.

Waffle over, now let’s get into the post.

I can tell everyone why sex crime is on the rise, it might have something to do with the fact that there is never any Police on the streets to prevent sex crime.

Also Crime is down because when people report a crime the Police don’t bother turning up to deal with it, as a result of this people are reluctant to report a crime as the Police are coming off as if they don’t care.

The solution is simple:

  • A Police presence on the streets would deter people from committing sex crimes or crimes in general
  • Police turning up when people report a crime would restore people’s faith in the Police and would make them more likely to report crime.

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Youths & Children Setting Off Fireworks

The Anti-Social Behaviour on my Estate has hit a new low with youths and children setting Fireworks off in the street at night especially as where I live there are a lot of old people living in the flats and there are two old ladies living on the ground floor of my block, the Police don’t bother Policing the area and the parents of the youths and children in question obviously are un fit parents as they don’t do anything to stop them.

The Police should get off there asses and do something about this as it’s only going to get worse as new generations of children are born to these yobs that have no respect for other people.

Rant over


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