The Sheffield Steelers Chance Of Retaining The EIHL Title

The Sheffield Steelers have no chance in retaining the Elite League Title in my honest opinion unless the defence is beefed up s bit or they get there act together as they are leaving to much work for John DeCaro in goal to do. Also influential goal scoring machine Rod Sarich who is out for the rest of the season due to a a freak injury that caused him to lose 15% of a kidney due to an elbow from Nottingham Panthers player Jordan Fox, and Niel Clark’s toe injury that he sustained pre-game during a kick about before a home game against the Hull Stingrays has now seen him not bring much to the Steelers, before the injury he was a goal scoring machine now he has seriously lost his spark.

Recent Signings Luke Fulghum and Francis Trudel have brought some depth to the squad but there needs to be some changes to the squad done by Player Coach Ryan Finnerty if the Steelers want to end the season with the League title remaining in Sheffield.


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Lazy Council Workers And Litter Bins

Council Workers are lazy when it comes to emptying Litter Bins.  Where I live there is a Litter Bin on a grass bank that has been over flowing and is starting to create litter around it.  The litter bin has been over flowing since June to my knowlage, & it may have been over flowing longer.

The Council should be ashamed of themselves for letting Litter Bins over flow and create litter.

I’d love any comments on Lazy Council Workers And Litter Bins, also if any managers from Viola Waste, Sheffield City Council or Sheffield Homes read this post please leave a comment with a contact email address and I’ll email you the location & a picture of the over flowing litter bin.

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Blatt Off I’m Not Stepping Down

FIFA President Drop Batter has effectively said Blatt Off I’m Not Stepping Down, after refusing to step down as President of FIFA after apologizing for a relacist out burst.

By refusing to step down as FIFA President he is basically becoming a dictator of FIFA.

I say Blatt Off and Step Down as President of FIFA Mr. batter.

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Beware Of E.ON Energy Follow-up Part II

This is a follow-up on my earlier post Beware Of E.ON Energy Follow-up.

The £31.73 for the gas is now getting cleared by E.ON Energy. We contacted British Gas this morning and British Gas say we don’t owe E.ON Energy anything and to phone E.ON Energy for a Missing payment form because if anything E.ON Energy owe us money. We contacted E.ON Energy for a Missing Payment form, and E.ON Energy said they don’t owe us anything because we’ve never maid a payment to them for Gas.
E.ON Energy have finally admitted defeat and are going to clear the gas bill.

This will be my last post about E.ON Energy as the matter has been resolved satisfactory.  But I’ll write another one if anything else comes up on the matter. In closing Beware Of E.ON Energy.

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Beware Of E.ON Energy Follow-up

This is a follow-up on my earlier post Beware Of E.ON Energy.

The £104.27 Electricity bill is going to get cleared by E.ON but we need to give them another meter Reading on Thursday. But the £31.73 Gas bill still stands and we’ve got to personally claim the £31.73 for the gas back from British Gasand pay it to E.ON to clear the gas bill as British Gas Will not deal with
E.ON directly to sort it out.

I’ll keep updating this post until the matter has been resolved satisfactory.  In closing Beware Of E.ON Energy.

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Press Regulation Poses A Real Danger, Says Patten

BBC Trust Chairman Lord Pattern has told the Society of Editors conference that Press Regulation poses a real danger, and that only the Press can Reform the Press.

I’m all for Press Regulation to force the Press to reform as long as the regulation doesn’t go as far as to include Blogger’s.  As a keen Blogger is be upset if my blogging  started to be regulated.  But big Press needs to be regulated to stop phone hacking & other illegal & corrupt goings on to get a story.

Press Regulation Poses A Real Danger, Says Patten.  I say regulate the press but don’t take the regulating to far.

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The M5 Crash Makes a Good Case To Ban Fireworks Displays & Bonfire Night

Does the M5 Motorway crash make a good case to ban Fireworks Displays & Bonfire Night?

It’s all well and good having fun with friends & family & doing things as a community, but when that fun causes a 34 vehicle pile up that leave 51 people injured and 7 people dead, like the M5 crash that happened late Friday night near a spot adjacent to the M5 Motorway that was holding a Fireworks Display & Bonfire that the Avon & Somerset Police are investigating as the cause of the accident then it brings into question if Bonfire Night should be banned.

Does The M5 Crash Makes a Good Case To Ban Fireworks Displays & Bonfire Night?