The Sheffield Steelers Chance Of Retaining The EIHL Title

The Sheffield Steelers have no chance in retaining the Elite League Title in my honest opinion unless the defence is beefed up s bit or they get there act together as they are leaving to much work for John DeCaro in goal to do. Also influential goal scoring machine Rod Sarich who is out for... Continue Reading →


Lazy Council Workers And Litter Bins

Council Workers are lazy when it comes to emptying Litter Bins.  Where I live there is a Litter Bin on a grass bank that has been over flowing and is starting to create litter around it.  The litter bin has been over flowing since June to my knowlage, & it may have been over flowing... Continue Reading →

Blatt Off I’m Not Stepping Down

FIFA President Drop Batter has effectively said Blatt Off I'm Not Stepping Down, after refusing to step down as President of FIFA after apologizing for a relacist out burst. By refusing to step down as FIFA President he is basically becoming a dictator of FIFA. I say Blatt Off and Step Down as President of... Continue Reading →

Beware Of E.ON Energy Follow-up

This is a follow-up on my earlier post Beware Of E.ON Energy. The £104.27 Electricity bill is going to get cleared by E.ON but we need to give them another meter Reading on Thursday. But the £31.73 Gas bill still stands and we've got to personally claim the £31.73 for the gas back from British... Continue Reading →

Should Bonfire Night Be Banned For Glorifying Terrorism?

Should bonfire night be banned for glorifying terrorism? Britain is an hypocritical nation, as we are Anti-Terrorist but yet we celebrate year after year the failed terrorist stack on Parliament by Guy Fawkes, and call it Bonfire night. I for one think it's about time that we should stop celebrating the anniversary of the failed... Continue Reading →

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