The Gaza Conflict: An Easy Solution To End It



With fighting still going on in the Middle East between Israelis and Palestinians which has gone on and off since 2006 & with two failed ceasefire in the current round of the conflict, wouldn’t it be far simpler to end the conflict for good-by simply stopping all Media coverage of the conflict? Now many of you reading may say that it’s harsh, cruel and inhumane to  just sweep it under the carpet from a Media point of view, also some may even say that it’s slightly racist to o, but just hear me out before judging me.

The Militants in this conflict could be compared to spoiled children as the more they get attention from the Media the more they fight hence the two failed ceasefire. As if this wasn’t just attention seeking then they would have managed to keep the first ceasefire going.

Cutting off all Media coverage could be a bit harsh for a first attempt at ending the Gaza conflict, but at least slowly scaling back the coverage to the point that where all coverage of the conflict by the Media has been cut off. Simply ignoring a child that’s showing off for attention is usually the way to stop the child from showing off.

With how the Israeli and Palestinian Militants are acting then treating them like spoiled children that are showing off might be the simplest solution to ending the conflict, as what started out in 2006 as political fighting over election results in 2005 & 2006 has turned into a political fight for who controls and does what.

Maybe scaling back to an eventual blackout of Media coverage of the conflict might be just the ticket to get it into these Militants thick heads that there petty argument over who controls what just simply isn’t worth killing innocent people over, as in the end they’re going to end up killing everyone off in the area including themselves then no one has actually won control of the area, but thousands of innocent people will have lost their lives because members of a few opposing political groups in to areas of the middle east can’t get along like civilized human beings.

When Political fighting turns into military fighting be it Army against Army, Militants against Army, radicalized Religious groups against everyone that doesn’t believe the same as they do or as in this case Militants against Militants then no one is the winner as Political fighting should be carried out in debates that can eventually bring both parties together for the good of the people, but the trouble with Militant groups is that all they understand is that the way to get their point across is to kill innocent people, and in the case of radicalized Religious groups is that they’re right and everyone is wrong and Racist so must die (but more about this last point in a future Article as I don’t want to take this one to far off topic).

Please feel free to leave your comments below, but make sure that they’re not borderline Racist or threatening in any way as they will be removed.

Rant over




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