Google Photo Sphere Camera Comes To iOS

More-goodies-found-in-the-Google-Camera-APK-including-Photo-Sphere-Live-WallpapersGoogle yesterday released Photo Sphere for iOS devices. Photo Spheres have been a staple of the Android camera since Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, and the release of the Photo Sphere Camera App for iOS is the first time that Google has extracted a feature of an App to specifically release it for a particular Mobile OS.

Google has previously extracted the Photos App from Google + only for Android and Hangouts on all supported Mobile Platforms, but making a feature of an App as a dedicated App only available on iOS is a first for any developer.

For those of you that don’t know, Photo Spheres are full 360 degree pictures that are very similar to the way that Google Maps Street View works, where you can look around the photo as if you were actually where the picture was taken.

The iOS Photo Sphere Camera App also allows you to tag your Photo Spheres and share them on Google Maps, Sharing your Photo Spheres with Google Maps then creates Street Views of the tagged Photo Spheres, whether Google blurred out the Licence Plates that are captured with the Photo Sphere Camera or not when shared is unknown at present (as I’ve not had the chance to take an outdoor Photo Sphere to check it out.

Most people complain about Devs separating out features of Apps into separate Apps,  but in the case of Google separating out the Photo Sphere Camera feature of Google Camera just to bring it to iOS while keeping it part of Google Camera on Android is a good idea.




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