WordPress Post Dashboard Clutter


If like me you’ve used WordPress for nearly four years then this Post will feel close to home for you. I’ve Blogged via WordPress since September 2010 and have amassed 360 published Articles and two drafts and my All Posts Screen in the Posts Dashboard looks like this.

A sample page from my WordPress.com Posts Dsshboard

A sample page from my WordPress.com Posts Dashboard

Trying to navigate around all the posts is a bit hard when you’re looking at more than one or two pages, and in my opinion is in need of a revamp that lets you choose how you want to view all of your posts. I’d like to see something like having the ability to organize your posts into folders by year, then organized by month in each year folder then by week and for days that have multiple posts organized into a day folder, then just lump all the draft posts into the main All Posts Screen, doing this would also remove the need to have All Published, Sticky, Drafts and when there is a deleted post the Deleted tab and just have the root All tab and the Sticky tab as all  published Articles would be in Folders while all un published Articles would be in the All folder un organized.

With WordPress being a well used Platform with the free hosted WordPress.com service, hosted WordPress services and the free to download WordPress Platform at wordpress.org for anyone who wants to manage every aspect of their site and have it on a self hosted server you’d think that some form of Post Organization other than the tabbed layout of the Posts Dashboard would already have been implemented by now even if it was a simple Organize by Categories, Tags or both.

Don’t get me wrong as I think the free hosted wordpress.com service/wordpress.org download is a very capable Blog engine and brings a lot of features that are simply not available in Blogger, with an easier to navigate UI than Blogger Post/Article organization is on of the sorely missed features on ether of the two Blogging platforms along with on the wordpress.org download unless there is a post organization plug-in available for the server software.




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