Site visual Re-Design



I’ve started to implement a visual re-design of the site, Phase one & two is the new custom banner instead of the Google Chromebook banner that I was using before. This new banner was supposed to be my Laptop Wallpaper hence it’s got the site url on it but I decided to make it into the site banner and incorporated the site title under the url and just above the WordPress badge, the banner was created on my Acer C720 Chromebook using Microsoft PowerPoint Online to build the design, then I used the Gallery App in Chrome OS to Crop the image down to banner size.

Phase two which was implemented just after Phase one as implementing Phase two at a later date would have made the site look a little cluttered, so I got rid of the header text as it’s no longer needed  with the banner now having the site name incorporated.

The repeating Apple Logo background is a temporary change while I come up with a new custom background.

Phase three and four aren’t definite yet but one is going to be incorporating the description text from the old site header into the site banner and the other is going to be possibly change the wallpaper but it’s going to take some time to design the right wallpaper for the site so a wallpaper change might just be ether to a flat colour as a long-term solution while I come up with the perfect custom wallpaper or just have a series of temporary wallpapers or find a long-term wallpaper until I get the right permanent one.

I’d like to change the theme colours to something that goes with the visual feel of the site as it currently is or will be in the future, but $30 a year for the customization upgrade seems a little steep when I’ll not be using the full set of features in the upgrade.

Comment, favourite or both if you like what I’ve got planned for the site look.




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