How Can The England Men’s Team Become Competitive Again??


After a dismal start to the 2014 World Cup sees England going out of the competition at the Group Stage how can England become competitive at International Tournaments again?

With defeats to Italy and Uruguay and one game remaining for England in their World Cup Group that’s now meaningless since both defeats now see England eliminated, what needs to be done to make England competitive again. Is it down to Roy Hodgson’s poor choices, is it down to the overpaid Premier League players that think more of playing for their club over their country or is it down to the fact that Premier League Teams prefer buying in good players from abroad and only having a few token good English players in their teams?

I think it’s down to at least two of the above. The top English players are so over paid that they see playing for their country as an inconvenience and not an honour, because they know that there is so few top English players to choose from that they know they can get away with playing poorly for the National Team as they’ll still get picked.

The Premier League is over crowded with players brought in from abroad that a lot of good English talent never makes it to the Premier League meaning that they never get to play for England. On this point there is four things that could be done, ether bring in an import quota that limits the amount of foreign players that can be on a team, meaning that English players get a fair chance, impose a quota for foreign players that can be on a squad for each match or on the pitch at a time, acknowledge that there are players in leagues lower than the Premier League that are good enough to play for England and would see it as an honour not an inconvenience to play for England, or more controversially follow the England Cricket Team and have all players that are chosen to play for England be under contract to the England Team giving more of an incentive to play at the level you do for your Club Team.

I’d go for all four but the import quota one would have to be down to the Premier League not the FA, and the Premier League wouldn’t bring in a rule that will impact the saleability of the Premier League abroad meaning that the only options are to bring in England Contracts, meaning that the chosen players would be contractually obliged to play at their best and acknowledge the Championship when picking an England Squad.




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