Sunrise Calendar For Android Beta Review



After using Sunrise Calendar for Android Beta to me it seem lacking compared to other Calendars on Android.

Sunrise Calendar has a lot of cool features like I mentioned in my combined review, but only having two different Calendar views seems like the developers are trying to create a one size fits all Calender for all the supported Mobile OS’s especially since Android Cell Phones come in more varied Screen Sizes than iPhone’s meaning that  they could have created a totally different version that for Android that caters tor the varied Screen Sizes that Android devices come in instead of doing what seems like port the iOS version over to Android.

Although I prefer the stock Android Calendar to the Sunrise Calendar for Android Beta I’ll keep it installed on my Google Nexus 7 & maybe do a follow-up post if anything changes during the Beta or do a follow-up post when it comes out of Beta.

but for now there are plenty of better Calendars available on Android that beat Sunrise on features, even if they don’t have the cool features that’s part of Sunrise Calendar.



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