Sunrise Calendar For Chrome/Chrome OS Review

Sunrise-Calendar-Icon After using Sunrise Calendar for Chrome/Chrome OS for a week I prefer Sunrise Calendar over Google Calendar as it looks more modern than Google Calendar and is more in keeping with the rest of the Google Apps suite than Google Calendar, the multiple Calendar from multiple Calendar services is a bonus for anyone who needs to view and edit a Calendar from a different Calendar service such as iCloud which isn’t available in Google Calendar and Offline mode is a huge bonus.   Sunrise Calendar has more unique features that I mentioned in my combined review, but at present I’m undecided whether to stick with Sunrise Calendar as my default Calendar, use Sunrise calendar and Google Calendar together or since I’m nearly always Online only use Google Calendar.   It’s been nice using Sunrise Calendar, but I’m not sure if it’s the right Calendar for me since I can use the other Calendar services that I use through their own websites.




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