UKIP Party Members Are In The News Again


Less than a day after my last Article where I asked if UKIP were racist homophobes UKIP Councillor & MEP candidate Janice Atkins has made the news when she became infuriated by anti-UKIP protesters while on the campaign trail.

Ms Atkinson who describes herself as Nigel Farage’s number two is reported to have hurled abuse as a group of Green Party Members who were holding a peaceful protest. One Green Party Member who was part of the protest also said that she faced comments about her size, Ms Atkinson defended her actions by saying that the group were harassing the public & comments made about UKIP Members.

UKIP Councillor Janice Atkins

UKIP Councillor Janice Atkins

Last week Ms Atkins made the headlines by saying that parts of Kent are “no-go-areas” due to gangs of Eastern European immigrants. This just proves that UKIP are racist homophobes that act childish when anyone doesn’t like them.

Thank god that UKIP are only a minor party when it comes to the General Election otherwise we’d end up living in a racist homophobic Dictatorship that would take away our free speech.

Ms Atkinson is the second choice candidate behind Nigel Farage for the South East. This means that she’ll be Elected MEP if she wins two or more seats.




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