Why I Moved from The Chrome OS Dev Channel


After months of being on the Chrome OS Dev Channel and being happy with how stable it was for Development builds, today I moved down to the Beta Channel due to not all websites loading properly. Now that I’ve moved down to the Beta Channel the websites that were not loading properly are now working fine and I was having issues with using the Gimp on RollApp app in the Dev Channel is now working with no problems.

I chose the Beta Channel as it’s only one release behind the Dev Channel release it retains the folders in the App Launcher which is lost in the latest Stable Channel release, also many of the new features that are in the Development Channel are just place holders or not fully implemented yet, where as the features that are in the Beta Channel releases are fully implemented but the release might be slightly buggy.

At present I’d rather have a slightly buggy release that doesn’t have features that aren’t fully implemented just to have all websites that I visit or use to load properly.

It’s been nice using the Dev Channel, but the Beta Channel will probably give me the best of having the latest Chrome OS release with the stability of the current stable release of Chrome OS.




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