Other External Hardware That Works in Chrome OS



I was going through some of the external hardware that I’ve got lying around in my Windows Laptop bag to see what is compatible with Chrome OS and what isn’t compatible with Chrome OS.

Generic USB 2.0 webcam


I originally got this Webcam as an experiment using face tracking software for gaming which has sat in my Laptop bag ever since. So I decided to try it in my Chromebook, it works flawlessly in Hangouts call and is so much clearer than the built-in one and the 6 LED’s get rid of any artifacts created by low light. Unfortunately the Chrome OS Camera app doesn’t support the use of external Webcams, but the LED’s will help get rid of low light artifacts.

I don’t really use the built-in Webcam that much, so I won’t be using my external Webcam all that much, but it might come in handy if I attempt to do some Unboxing videos on YouTube.

Generic Wireless USB Mouse

I originally got this mouse because I’m not a fan of the tiny portable wired Mouse that came with the Laptop bag. For the small amount that I paid for it on eBay it’s an excellent Mouse. It works perfectly with Chrome OS, but yet again it’ll not get much use as I really like the gesture control of the multi-touch trackpad.

If I could get hold of an Apple cheaply on eBay I’d give it a go with my Chromebook as I’d like to re-setup a little office space in the Livingroom to get a comfortable work area than having my desk pretty much being my knee and the spare seat on the sofa.


Chrome OS is really good at supporting external hardware no matter how cheap or generic it is.

Planned Projects

I’m hoping to get a replacement HDD Caddy for my 2.5″ external HDD, as I’ve had my current one since about 2009/10 and it’s seen better days. I’m also considering upgrading the 16GB internal SSD by adding a 32GB SD card, whether I keep the SD card in the SD slot permanently or keep inserting it every time I take it out to use it I’ve not decided.

I’m hoping to do these over the weekend or in the week as I’ve got to order them on eBay and await delivery. I’ll not be doing any Articles on the’s upgrades but I might do a review of the SD Card and the HDD Caddy.




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