The Chromebook Test: Living In Google Chrome For A Month (Part 22)


British On Demand services & Chromium OS

The BBC’s on Demand service iPlayer along with itv’s itv Player, Channel 5’s Demand5 & Channel 4’s 4od are other video service that are not able to be used on Chromium OS due to the lack of Flash Player support, even though the Adobe Flash Player website says that Flash Player is installed.

This means that if you use video services such as YouTube as well as listen to music on Google Play Music on a daily basis using Chromium OS isn’t recommended, but if you do none media playback stuff then Chromium OS is recommend, but if you do a mixture of Media Playback & none Media Playback on a daily basis then I’d recommend using Chromium OS only as a test to see if you could live with a Chromebook on a daily basis.


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