Beware Of NatWest Bank

I’d like to say that everyone in the UK should Beware Of NatWest Bank, as I’ve recently run into them over charging on Interest & Charges. I had enough money in my Account to cover my Mobile Phone Bill along with the £5.89 Overdraft Interest charge, & a little left over to spend on my son.

This Afternoon I checked my Account online to see how much I’d got left only to find that I would be short for my Mobile Phone Bill as they had taken £22.76 of Interest & Charges which is a full £16.87 more than what my Statement of Interest & Charges says they should’ve taken.

I then try to query it via Web Chat only to find that it’s not available due to all of their operators being busy helping other customers. I then find them on Twitter and try to query the over charge that way. But they won’t help me unless I phone them, which I’m reluctant to do as it’s going to cost me money that I’ve not got to sort it out, & why should I have to pay to phone them to sort it out when it’s their fault not mine.

Now do I go to the Papers about this or the Financial Services Ombudsman or the Police as to me this seems like fraud as they’ve taken £16.87 extra of my money without any warning, as if they’d have pre warned me on my Statement of Interest & Charges I’d have known about it I’d have adjusted my spending to take it into account.

Rant over




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