Is The UK Political System Just A Group Of Criminal Gangs?

Is the UK Political system just a group of criminal gangs that use the Parliamentary Expenses system as a way to Launder Millions of pounds of the TAX payers money into their own pockets, then they turn Communities on each other by making out that the unemployed people that in part have lost their jobs due to Government cuts in public spending as lazy benefits scroungers, & peddle false unemployment statistics, as well as push over worked Job Centre staff into suspending the payments of as many Job-seekers as possible to justify their claims that unemployed people are lazy work shy scroungers.

These Criminals then don’t stop there they then introduce benefits changes that could see the vulnerable people who the benefits system is supposed to help Bankrupt & homeless. While they are still allowed to screw this country over for every penny that they can get their thieving hands on.

Every single one of the thieving & lying criminals that the public have voted into a position where they are supposed to help and protect the people of this country should be all put under investigation for fraud, theft of public money as well as money laundering, then sacked & banned from Politics for life then locked up for a very long time.

Then and only then can the UK Political system be changed to stop the un-regulated expenses for MP’s and cut their pay down to a average wage instead of being £65,738.00+ per year to something in keeping with the rest of the UK say something like £12,000.00 per year with no expenses and having to commute from their Constituency home to London.

Rant over




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