Is It About Time Dave Jones Was Sacked As Sheffield Wednesday Manager

With Sheffield Wednesday slipping to their third successive 1-1 draw at the hands of Bolton Wanderers at The Reebok Stadium that saw them slip into 23rd place in the SkyBet Championship is it about time that Dave Jones is sacked by Chairman Milan Mandric?

Dave Jones obviously seems to have run out of ideas and is unable to turn things around on the pitch, and his winging about Jermain Johnsons disallowed second half costing them the victory in a post match interview with seems to be coming from a desperate Manager who wants to blame anyone other than himself, as any half decent Manager would encourage his players to pull back that disallowed Goal, & then if that doesn’t work then just admit that it wasn’t to be. Blaming the Linesman for putting his flag up for offside even if it isn’t is just childish of someone who supposedly is a professional,  as the Linesman is human after all and can quite easily make a mistake.

With rumours floating around twitter earlier about two different Business Men interested in buying the Club for £25 Million then it’s certainly about time that Milan Mandric sacked Dave Jones and installed a new Manager with fresh ideas to make the Club more appealing to any perspective buyer.




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