Beware Of Fireplaces4Life

The wife and I bought a Dimplex Cheriton Electric Fire from Fireplaces 4 Life via their eBay shop on the 3rd of October that was due to be delivered between the 7th & 8th of October, and after many phone calls to them and being continually fobbed off with it’ll come tomorrow & then being told on the 9th of October that it would arrive between 8am & 11am that day & it not turning up by 6pm.

I left a poor review on, we received a phone call on the 10th of October saying that it would arrive by 12:30 that day & if I changed the review to a good one that we’d get a £10.00 refund as an apology.  I changed the review to a good one & having not received a refund by the 13th of October I emailed them asking for the promised refund by 9am on today or I’ll open a PayPal case. I was unable to open a case so I sent them a PayPal Invoice for the £10.00 refund as well as a PayPal Payment request for the refund & added 20p to both to cover PayPal fees. I’ve still not received the refund so I switched the review back to a poor on.  This company also goes by the Name of Stoves4Life, Garden Village UK, Matress Time, Cheap Bed, Home Furnishings UK Limited & The Rapyal Group as well as Fireplaces4Life.

They are based in Cleckheaton West Yorkshire and they are a joke of a Company with the worst customer service I’ve ever known.

Rant Over




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