The UK, A Country Run By The Rich & Privileged For The Rich & Privileged

After reading this Blog post I thought I’d write one to air my views.

The Conservative Environment Minister Richard Ponsonby in August proved how all MP’s & politicians are up their own behinds by saying that the poor reconsider their buying habits and resist the temptation to spend more money on the latest electronic gadgets, clothes and food that they will not eat” in efforts to recapture the spirit of “make, do and mend”.

This comment just proves how out of touch with the none privileged population of the Country, as the poor of this Country can barely afford the food and clothes that they need without buying extra food and clothes that they don’t need. Also it was the privileged Conservative Government of the 80’s that encouraged people to buy the latest electrical gadgets by allowing manufacturers to make electrical goods that only last two years before they need replacing.

But then you can expect comments like this from Conservative MP’s that were educated at Eaton where they learn to only care about themselves. These rich snotty nosed people then only care that they are getting a huge wage from the Taxpayer to make themselves richer while they then claim expenses of the Taxpayer to then fund their extravagant lifestyle. Maybe if these people got a minimum wage and no expenses and made to live of that and their family millions they would learn that most people don’t live the extravagant lifestyle that they have been born into, when people like this have millions in the bank, why should the Taxpayer then have to pay them a huge wage (as of April 1 2013 the basic annual salary of an MP is £66,396.00 + expenses, which works out at £43, 157,400.00 + expenses) that the Taxpayer pays these already rich & privileged people to run the country on our behalf.

These people then raise Taxes, make up new Taxes & cut public spending so they then can make more money for themselves, and then have the cheek to brand the poor part of the population as scroungers for having to claim Benefits to be able to live due to the cost of living then increasing to favour the rich & the rich and privileged.

It’s about time that the average person on the street stood up to these rich and privileged people, but as they have the power to make new legislation to silence us it’s never going to happen. This Country is slowly turning from a Democratic Country to a Dictatorship.

Rant over




2 thoughts on “The UK, A Country Run By The Rich & Privileged For The Rich & Privileged

  1. yes,why should mp’s and the like receive expenses for travel and sustinence that we have to pay out of our wages/they should pay for theirs out of their wages,after all they get nearly 3 times the national average wage.
    it’ll come to a point with soaring transport costs that ordinary people who have to commute to work will not
    be able to afford to go to work.


    • Exactly & it’s not as if they’re not already in a financially better state than most of the rest of the population before their huge pay packet to really need expenses to pay for their own stuff, instead of having the Taxpayer pay for it for them.


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