Bolton Wanderers Vs Sheffield Wednesday Possibly Make Or Break For Dave Jones

Next Saturdays match for Sheffield Wednesday against Bolton Wonderers at the Reebok Stadium could be make or break for Dave Jones as it’ll be the last game before the South Yorkshire Darby against Barnsley at Oakewll on the following Saturday.

Bolton are in 20th place in the SkyBet championship with a record of 1 Win, 5 Draws & 5 Losses compared to Sheffield Wednesday who are in 22nd place with a record of 0 Wins, 6 Draws & 4 Losses. Going by the season records so far it’s not looking to good for Wednesday to pick up a win, & I think that the most that they can hope for is a draw with the worst case scenario being a that they pick up their fifth loss of the season.

My prediction is that Wednesday will go 1-0 down and fight back to pick up a draw, but I’d like to be proven wrong, & will be following the game closely on twitter.

Dave Jones men will be desperate for their first win of the Season, & Dave Jones will be desperate for a win to ease some of the pressure that he’s getting from dissatisfied fans.

Dave Jones needs to do some serious team choice for the game to make sure he picks a team & formation that can compete well enough with Bolton to at least have a good chance taking the lead and capitalize on it instead of taking the lead then sitting back and trying to cruse to a win.

Sheffield Wednesday seriously need to improve their squad if they hope to stay in the Championship, as if they keep up how they are performing so far they will end up getting relegated. Milan Mandric needs to pull his finger out and start caring about the Club or sell it to someone who will give a damn about them otherwise things aren’t looking good.

Serious investment in the transfer budget will give Dave Jones or his successor a good chance of improving the squad enough to battle their way out of the drop zone and into a possible mid table finish.




2 thoughts on “Bolton Wanderers Vs Sheffield Wednesday Possibly Make Or Break For Dave Jones

  1. Why do you keep deleting my comments? Is it because I see all the flaws in your blog and you dont like it 🙂


    • The Spam filter isn’t the best on WordPress isn’t the best so probably filtered out some comments. The flaw in this post was that I simply misread the fixtures list on the Wednesday website & also didn’t realize there was World Cup Qualifiers on this weekend


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