Should Taxpayer Funded Expenses Be Scrapped?

After reading this BBC News Article about former Cabinet Minister Liam Fox successfully claiming 3p on fuel expenses for a 0.06 mile trip from a Concrete firm he had visited to a Constituency Surgery in Yatton within his North Sumerset base.

Now is it about time that MP’s all took a pay cut, then use the excess money from their pay cut to fund their expenses instead of getting a huge pay check from the Taxpayer, then claiming stupid expenses off the Taxpayer, also fuel expenses should be capped at a mile minimum or whatever the going rate of fuel expenses are for regular companies that pay fuel expenses.

Also why should MP’s be allowed to have a second home, they should be made to live in their Constituency then commute into London like everyone else that has a job outside of where they live.

How the hell the Prime Minister has got the cheek to brand people who are claiming benefits (especially the ones that have ended up needing to claim them through no fault of their own) scroungers when MP’s are the biggest scroungers of them all they do very little work for a huge pay packet that the Taxpayer funds, then claim expenses for their lifestyle choice, travel expenses for journeys so small most normal people would walk the distance & also have the cheek then to claim for their Constituency home while they spend most of their time living in London, or 5* Hotels during the Conference season.

No wonder the UK is going down the toilet when all these Privileged Rich people are living off Taxpayers money , while their secret family millions are sitting in the Bank making them even richer.

MP’s get given the title The Right Honourable [Insert Name] when half of them don’t know what being Right & Honourable is if it came up and bit them on their behind.

I ask you:

A) Is it Right & Honourable to have a huge pay packet & then have the cheek to claim expenses to fund their lifestyle when they have got money stashed away in the Bank what they keep a secret?

B) Is it Right & Honourable to make Public Sector Cuts that then make people redundant, then when Private Sector Businesses do the same thing meaning that there are even more people unemployed that it’s then hard to find a job. So that they then get branded Lazy Scroungers that are being funded to live an extravagant Benefits funded lifestyle?

Taking a more in-depth look at point B:

Adding up for all the Benefits for the average unemployed person or couple Job Seekers Allowance is only £225.10 a fortnight out of that you have to pay for Gas, Electricity, Water along with anything that is required, Food Shopping, Clothes Shopping, there then is a fortnightly none refundable travel cost to the Job Centre to sign.  There is then Housing Benefit (if you live in Council or Private rented accommodation) that varies depending on the full rental price of the property with a varying cut depending if you have 1 or 2 spare bedrooms (The Bedroom Tax) then Council Tax Benefit. If you own your own property you then lose the Housing Benefit.  So adding up the cost of living and deducting it from Benefit income there isn’t really enough to live this so-called life of luxury that the MP’s seem to think that people on Benefits live.

If these MP’s worked for minimum wage without expenses maybe they’d be better able to judge what it’s like for the average working person lives, also they should try living for up to three   years on just Job Seekers Allowance & Council Tax Benefit (as they’re Council Tax is more than likely Taxpayer funded) they would be able to see that this life of luxury that they claim people on benefits live is just a figment of their imagination, and that living on Benefits isn’t a lifestyle choice for many but just a way of life that they would like to be able to get out of if they were given a real chance.

Rant over




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