Will Dave Jones Still Be In Charge Of Sheffield Wednesday After Tonight?

Will Dave Jones still be in charge of Sheffield Wednesday tonight, or will Milan Mandric do the sensible thing and decide enough is enough and bow down to pressure from the fans that want to see him out.

This I can see will come down to weather or not he can steer Sheffield Wednesday to a victory against Brighton at Flamer Stadium tonight.  Brighton are sitting comfortably 10 places above Sheffield Wednesday with 2 Wins, 3 Draws and 1 Loss in their last six games and a season record of 3 Wins, 3 Draws and 3 Losses, this compares to Sheffield Wednesdays pretty dismal start to the 2013/14 Championship season who’s last six games are 3 Draws and 2 Losses and a season record of  0 Wins, 4 Draws and 4 Losses. Three points tonight should give him a stay of execution, 1 point might bring him a one game stay of execution but a second loss on the bounce, a 5th loss in the League and a 6th loss in all competitions should see the end of him in charge of Sheffield Wednesday.

This all depends on if Milan Mandric has got a clue on what to do, and whether or not if he has got the Clubs best interest at heart.



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