Romanian Beggars Who Returned To Romania by tickets Funded By The Taxpayer Have ALREADY Returned To The UK

A group of more than 20 Romania baggers were rounded up in a raid by immigration officers at their encampment on Park Lane in London back in July have since returned to the country just weeks after being given tickets for flights & coaches back to Romania by the UK Border Agency and a taxpayer funded homeless charity.

This means that the taxpayer has basically funded a Summer Holiday back home to Romania for this group of Beggars.  But under EU Law the Romanians have a right to be here for 90 days after this time they need to be working, studying or self-sufficient, but sleeping rough and begging are grounds for removal.

The Home Office has  demanded that the European Commission tighten up EU laws.

The only sensible way to deal with this surely is for Britain to end its EU Membership before the restrictions in Britain on Romanians and Bulgarians, which limit them to certain jobs will be removed After January 1, as the taxpayer basically funding their Summer Holiday back to Romania through free tickets for flights & coaches back to Romania is a waste of taxpayers money that could be used to fund something that has a benefit to Britain as paying for Romanian Beggars to go back to Romania only for them to return weeks later is pretty much a waste of taxpayers money.

Rant over




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