Facebook Makes Fun Of People With Cancer By Allowing Sick Group To Stay On The Site

Facebook has Insulted people with Cancer by allowing a sick page called “Cancer is funny cause people die” to stay active despite it infringing one of their own T’s & C’s.  The most that has happened is that they have been given two warnings and the admin of the page got away with slightly changing the name of the page.  The sick page has even been reported on by daily newspaper The Sun and yet nothing has been done about it.

Cancer is not funny it’s a serious illness and the admin of the page and it’s army of followers should all be ashamed of themselves for making fun of the illness and should also face criminal prosecution for discrimination.

But that is not all Facebook let the policing of its own T’s & C’s down as they to my knowledge only really enforce one.

I’ve once reported a user for making threatening comments to me on my wall and nothing happened & they were allowed to keep there account so that’s one of there T’s & C’s that they don’t enforce, but yet when I post a video of my Brother-in-Law and his friend dancing to Honky Tonk Man I get it removed for alleged Copyright infringement, but then when I try to appeal their decision I can’t because there appeal form needs to be digitally signed which is impossible to do without a digitizer and stylus to create the signature.

here is the Full Facebook T’s & C’s for anyone who has never taken a look at them.

It’s about time that the law unto it’s self AKA Facebook is allowed to die by all its users migrating over to Google+ and leave Facebook to the sick and twisted people out there that think making fun of a serious disease as well as making fun or insulting pages for other groups of people and say that a celebs that are alive are dead.  If Facebook aren’t going to police their own T’s & C’s then people should show their disgust at Facebook by moving there profile to a service that will not tolerate such abuse of T’s & C’s.

Rant Over




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