Lazy Council Workers And Litter (Follow Up)

After my last post dated 28th November 2011 on this subject the litter bin in question finally got emptied.  For those who have not seen the original post please find it here.

The bin since then has gotten filled to over flowing and last Sunday a stray Dalmatian tipped all the rubbish all over the grass around the bin.  If the Council made sure that the bin was never over flowing then maybe this sort of thing wouldn’t have happened.

The Police should maybe fine the Council for letting bins get so full that rubbish spills out onto the street.

The Estate where I live may not be in a Posh or Rich area of Sheffield but that doesn’t mean that the Council shouldn’t let the litter bins get so full that rubbish spills out of them onto the street or mean that people have to litter the streets because the bins are so full.

If a Manager from Viola waste, Sheffield City Council or Sheffield Homes reads this could they please leave a comment with a contact email address as I’d like to make a formal complaint.

Rant over





3 thoughts on “Lazy Council Workers And Litter (Follow Up)

  1. Back in the day people used to take their litter home and not blame someone else. How times have changed for the better?


  2. I have a lazy Great Yarmouth BC road sweeper living above me who leaves his flat at around 4 am and is usually back from ‘work’ by 8 am!


  3. I live below a council road sweeper in Great Yarmouth and he leaves his flat very early around 4 am and is usually home by about 8 am!


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