Beware Of O2 UK

Beware Of O2 UK especially if you are thinking of joining them on a 24 Month Contract as they start ripping you off once you enter the 2nd Year of your Contract.

My wife and myself are on the £10.21 a Month 24 Month Contract with O2 UK and they have started charging my wife for usage outside of her Allowance that she hasn’t even done, & all Customer Services are saying is that she has gone over her Allowance & have started charging her when she’s not even using her phone.

If you are looking for a great Mobile Deal with a great choice of Tariffs then look no further than giffgaff & Beware Of O2 UK.



2 thoughts on “Beware Of O2 UK

    • Yes giffgaff run on the O2 Network, but they do there own thing as they only use the O2 Network as it’s more cost effective than doing there own thing from scratch and setting up there own Cell Towers that’s why they can offer amazing Tariffs that the other Networks can’t compete with.



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