The State of British Football

With Scottish Champions Rangers going into Administration & Portsmouth going into Administration for the 2nd time in three Seasons it’s about time that the SFA and FA did something to stop this kind of thing happening again in the future.

Maybe it’s about time that both the SFA and FA introduced mandatory wage caps in all Leagues that fall under their jurisdiction to curb the recent trend in big Clubs over spending on one or two big name players, this would especially help teams that are in the Scottish Premier League &  Barclay’s Premier League that have highly paid players that are on long term contracts with no relegation clause that then get relegated during that time and start to struggle in paying there wages.

Maybe something like a £1 Million a Season wage cap and scrap the current way of teams owning the players that they sign and abolish that the Players Agent can negotiate stupid wages for the Players that they represent.  This is how it works in UK Ice Hockey but the wage cap is much less than the one I have proposed in my post and not one single UK Ice Hockey Team has gone into Administration due to unrestricted wages, sure they may get into financial trouble but they manage to work through it with help of their loyal fan base and very rarely they do unfortunately have to fold but that is rarer than the recent trend for Football Clubs to go into Administration.

The SFA and the FA should look into how Clubs run their finances for the good of British Football.

Rant over




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