The One Man Holding The Sheffield Steelers Back

In my opinion there is one man in the Steelers Organization that is holding the club back by being to cocky, and has caused a lot of bad feelings with the fan base of other clubs in the EIHL.

That man is the Media Manager, Rink Announcer & Sky Sports commentator, called David Simms.  Mr Simms profession is an Estate Agent, he has been with the club since 1991 and he takes great pleasure in winding the fans of other clubs up especially the fans of the Nottingham Panthers.

In my opinion Mr Simms should be replaced as Media Manager by the club as it is not professional of anyone in a Management role  in Sport to wind opposition fans up, also Media Manager of a sports club should be a full time position and not a part time one.  The club should also ask Mr Simms to tone down his winding up and insulting of the Nottingham Panthers fans as it’s no way for the announcer of a Family sport to behave, it’s the kind of behavior I’d expect from the Announcer at a Football match to behave not the Announcer at a Hockey game to behave.

I don’t think a Hockey club like the Steelers should be associated with a big headed, loudmouthed, cocky man like Mr David Simms if they want to get the recognition that they deserve and want from the City of Sheffield.




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