Beware Of E.ON Energy

Beware E.ON Energy They are lying, money grabbing B*** S***ers that try to charge you for energy that you haven’t even used.

My wife and I switched from British Gas to E.ON ENERGY because they said they could save us £150 a year on our energy bill.  After we had fully switched over we found out that we were going through energy quicker than when we were on British Gas even though we were only using the same appliances that we were using while on British Gas.

We immediately switched back to British Gas.  We are now fully on British Gas and E.ON ENERGY are saying that we owe them £31.73 on Gas and £104.27 on Electricity.  We are also on Pre-Pay Meters and the Meters have never been in Debit.

My wife has reported E.ON ENERGY to Consumer Direct and informed E>ON ENERGY that they have been reported to Consumer Direct.

Let’s see what happens now.  I’ll report back on anything that happens.

In conclusion Beware Of E.ON ENERGY!

Rant over



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