Rat Blatt Snubs England Poppies

Sepp Blatter is a jumped up little prick that bullies the other Footballing Nations into doing what he wants.  Why should the wearing of Poppies be banned, they are a mark of respect to all the military personnel that have lost there lives to keep the World free of being totally Communist, but the Football world is a Communist Dictatorship controlled by a bully boy.

How is wearing a Poppy a political, religious or personal slogan, a Poppy is worn as a sign of respect and not for political, religious or personal reasons.  FIFA are not the first place to ban the wearing of Poppies, Poundland and Superdrug have sent there employees home for wearing a Poppy.

I say that the FA should defy FIFA and have the poppy emblem sewn into the shirts as a stand and I think they should wear Black armbands with the emblem sewn into it as well

The Rat Blatt is as bad as Poundland and Superdrug by snubbing England poppies

Rant over


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