Should Bonfire Night Be Banned For Glorifying Terrorism?

Should bonfire night be banned for glorifying terrorism?

Britain is an hypocritical nation, as we are Anti-Terrorist but yet we celebrate year after year the failed terrorist stack on Parliament by Guy Fawkes, and call it Bonfire night.

I for one think it’s about time that we should stop celebrating the anniversary of the failed terrorist attack on Parliament by Guy Fawkes.

Not only is it making Britain hypocritical by saying we are Anti-Terrorist, but we have no objection in celebrating the faild terrorist attack on Parliament by Guy Fawks, it also scares helpless animals with the noise of Fireworks.

It’s about time that in this Anti-Terrorist world that we live in that Bonfire Night should be put out for good as bonfire night is glorifying terrorism.

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5 thoughts on “Should Bonfire Night Be Banned For Glorifying Terrorism?

  1. Most fun things do some damage to the planet. Driving to a country park probably releases more pollutants than a few rockets, let alone the colossal damage done by flying away on holiday.

    Celebrating the 5th of November is one of the few communal acts left. It reminds of us of our traditions and our shared heritage. It’s a chance for neighbours and friends to meet up and chat and is cross generational. Having fun together reminds us of our links. What damage there is is limited in time and scope, the benefits outweigh the costs.

    Losing a tradition like Bonfire night would be another step away from community and towards isolated individuals.


  2. I thought we celebrated the failure of the attempt. We burn Guy Fawkes in effigy as a symbol of our contempt of of terrorism. Bonfire night is a celebration of the defeat of terrorism and the success of democracy.


    • Surely there are other ways to celebrate the defeat of Guy Fawks than setting off fireworks and scaring innocent animals as well as polluting the environment with CO2 and other chemicals that are in Gunpowder?



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