Is There Too Much Pornography On The Internet

I was thinking is there too much pornography on the Internet.  So I decided to do a quick google of the word Porn 73 pages of links including the word Porn were returned and searching Porn Websites returned 25 pages of Pornographic Websites, searching for Porn Pictures returned 71 pages of links to Pornographic Pictures and finally searching Porn Videos returned 76, that’s a whopping 245 pages of links from just those 4 search terms alone.  If I had the time to go through other search terms the number of total returned pages would be well into 4 figures.

The Internet is a wonderful resource for finding News, along with ways to find Entertainment and as a reference for Job searching, and for Educational research.

I for one think there is too much pornorgaphy on the Internet, but I ask you the reader of this post Is There Too Much Pornography On The Internet?



One thought on “Is There Too Much Pornography On The Internet

  1. I think if you post the word iPhone you will find more pages. There are a lot of porn pages on the net I agree… its sells so it will always be the way.. however my understanding is that with the unspoken regulations and the requirements for making $$, these sites that are stack with porn aren’t available in general purpose mode.

    Someone told me recently that there are 3 things you can never have too much of and sex was one of them. I guess if someone doesn’t have someone to play with, the net is where they are going 😉


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