DWP stupidity (Follow up)

After a phone call my wife made to Jobseekers Direct regarding a joint claim, I thought that I would follow up on my original post regarding DWP Stupidity.

Here is a transcript of the call.

My wife: Hello I’d like to query a joint claim in my husbands name.
Adviso: Security questions?
My wife: Answers security questions.
My wife: Could you tell me why my husband is only getting £7.72 JSA?
Advisor: we’ve got it down that you are getting £102.00 a week Maternity pay.
My wife: I’m only getting £95.91 a week Maternity pay.
Advisor: Have you provided your wage slips when asked.
My wife: yes I have given them my wage slips.
Advisor: I’ll email processing and someone will ring you back in 3 hours.
My wife: Ok thank you.

We are still waiting for someone from processing to phone us back.   Sometimes it feels like your banging your head against the wall with the DWP because it seems to go in one ear and straight out the other with the advisors.

How these jumped up little morons can justify going on strike over pay is beyond me.

Rant over



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