Padded bras for sex change inmates

After reading this article on the Sky News websit I had to write this blog post.

Why the hell should sex change or Transexual inmates be allowed the freedom to live in there chosen gender, if they have committed a crime and get locked up for what they have done then they should loose all right to live there life how they choose and be forced to searve the term of there sentence in a prison that is correct for the gender that they were born as

This is human rights gone mad, and all inmates should loose all there human rights while they are locked up.

Sex change and Transexual inmates should be locked up in secure prisons or Zoos should start up freak show exibits where all the sex change and transexual freaks can be laughed at for being freaks of nature, instead of getting helped to fit in as sex change and transexuals.

Rant over



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