British troops on Libya standby

After reading this article on the Sun website it made me want to write this blog post.

why do British Troops have to be put on standby for a mission to Libya by the Prime Minister, when he is already cutting the budgets of British Military, and why does the British Military have to  go into other Countries battles and start fighting?

The trouble in Libya has nothing to do with the UK so why do we have to ready 500 Troops for a Mission to Libya, and why does the British Government have to stick it’s nose into the business of every country that decides to start fighting with it’s own people?

All the British troops that are on Peace Keeping Missions in Afghanistan and Iraq should be pulled out , that would save the government Millions of Pounds and save them from having to deplete our Military.

The British Military should be defending our borders from threat and Illegal Immigrants instead of poking it’s nose into other Countries business.

Rant Over



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