Microsoft Office 2007 Professional Plus vs Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010

This is my comparison review of Microsoft’s new Microsoft Office 2010 Office suite against the old Microsoft Office 2007. For this review I’ll be comparing Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 with Microsoft Office 2007 Professional Plus. There is no major change in the main Applications that come with Office 2007 Professional Plus. Access, Excel, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint and Publisher are all present with no major functionality changes. InfoPath has had a major change as it now is two separate Applications with InfoPath Designer and InfoPath Filler instead of just InfoPath. The only two major changes that only affects Business users on a Domain Network are the removal of SharePoint Designer (Formally Microsoft FrontPage) and Groove, these two missing Applications are now combined into SharePoint Workspace and there might not be a way to create Websites and SharePoint sites anymore other than using Word (I’ll have to check and see). A new addition to the Office Applications is present in all versions is Microsoft Office Upload Center. The one major change that stands out is that the Ribbon Interface in all the Applications has had a major overhaul and the Office Menu Orb has been removed in favour of the File Menu of old being re-instated, although it does still open the File Menu from Microsoft Office 2007. This has significantly streamlined the Ribbon Interface as it looks a lot cleaner and Professional, it’s the same style of Ribbon Interface that Windows Live Movie Maker 2011, Windows Live Writer 2011 and Paint in Windows 7 use. Microsoft Outlook has had the biggest Interface change in this version as it has ditched the Toolbars Interface that Outlook 2007 kept from Outlook 2003 and it’s now been upgraded to The Ribbon Interface that the rest of the Office Applications use, also Outlook 2010 now defaults to the Outlook Today Screen instead of defaulting to the inbox like Outlook 2007 and lower used to do. You can also make the Ribbon even cleaner by having the ability to minimize the Ribbon to just the tray titles. From top to bottom of the Applications you have got the Application Title bar with Left to right Application Icon, Save Icon, Undo Icon, Redo Icon (this area of the title bar is known as the Quick Access Toolbar, and is customizable by clicking down arrow), and finally the Application Title. Below that there is the Ribbon area with left to right the File menu, dynamic Ribbon options that change depending on the Application of Document that you are working on, an animated arrow that points up when you have got the Ribbon tray on show and points down when the Ribbon tray is minimized, and the Help menu Icon. Below the Ribbon area there is the Ribbon try that is also dynamic as it only shows Icons for the current Ribbon tab. Microsoft Office 2010 seems to be a big improvement over Microsoft Office 2007. I’ll do a a more detailed review of Office 2010 when I’ve had a better play with it. Roland


3 thoughts on “Microsoft Office 2007 Professional Plus vs Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010

    • True. I like the new Outlook too. I’d love to see Microsoft carry the new Ribbon Interface over to the rest of their Applications and onto Windows.



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