X-Factor & Strictly Come Dancing Joke

This post is going to start talking about this weeks Strictly Come Dancing and end with this weeks X-Factor.

On Strictly Come Dancing Ann managed to survive for another week despite not doing anything that resembles dancing, and Jimi who actually danced really well.

I know that Strictly Come Dancing is an entertainment programme, but I also thought that it was supposed to be a dancing competition. Ann performance wasn’t dancing compared to Jimi performance it was more like a comedy act.

On this weeks X-Factor Katie survived the sing off when she screamed out of tune her way through her survival song while Treyc actually sung her survival song in tune.

I’d like to know what Simon and Louis were thinking saving Katie, Danii had the right idea when she voted to save Treyc. As for Cheryl what was she thinking refusing to vote for who she wanted to save?

I’d also like to know what the public are thinking keeping Wagner in every week, it’s like jedward all over again with Wagner.

Rant over



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