Scrounger ‘cons’ BBC viewers

The man in question in this Sun Article should have all his benefits stopped and his girlfriends benefits should be reviewed by the Department of Work and Pensions.  I came out of work in April of this year after over 9 years in the same job and I’m finding it hard to find a new job and I’m working my butt off to find a new job and the DWP are reviewing whether I’m entitled to and Job Seekers Allowance after my contributions based JSA ran out in October and these idle scroungers are still allowed to claim their benefits is beyond belief.

As for the BBC they should get into trouble from OFCOM for false reporting as they should have done research before filming or airing the report.

As for Conservative MP Philip Davies said the report was proof of the BBC’s anti-Tory bias. He added: “This is typical BBC, trying to pursue their own anti-Government agenda.”  The BBC can’t have an anti-government agenda as they would be in breach of their charter to be a non biased company.

Rant over



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