Jobless should get on the bus – IDS

After reading this Article I had to write about it.

Why should jobless people have to travel hours to different towns or cities where there are jobs to find work if there are no jobs in their home town and city therefore taking jobs away from the jobless in that town or city.  Especially as most employers prefer the applicant to live close to where their business is located than miles away.

I for one will not travel to another city leaving my wife, unborn child and family in my home town just to get work, and why should I up root my wife from her job just so we can move somewhere where I can get a job and probably still not even get a job in that town or city.

Mr. Duncan Smith is in his own little bubble if he thinks people are going to move out of a city or town where they have lived all their life just so they can find work, which will more than likely mean that someone who is jobless in that town then misses out on a job.

With all the spending cuts that the Government is making means that there are more unemployed people in the country than there are jobs for them.

In my opinion Mr. Duncan Smith is a stuck up toffee nosed twat that should think before opening his mouth.

Rant over



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