Dragon James Caan ‘regrets offer to buy baby’

All I can say on this BBC Article is what a stupid thing to say when there are TV cameras around filming.

James Caan should know better than to say something without thinking when there are TV cameras around.  Just because he is a multi-millionaire doesn’t mean that he can get away with opening his mouth before he has thought about what he is going to say.

In my eyes it makes him equally as bad as Gordon Brown or Price Phillip for opening mouth before engaging brain.  It’s another foot in mouth indecent by a famous person.

Rant over



4 thoughts on “Dragon James Caan ‘regrets offer to buy baby’

  1. When he said it, I don’t think he thought there was anything wrong with saying it. In his mind, he may see nothing wrong with buying babies.

    After the shoot, somebody reminded him it’s wrong & illegal. Then he claims not to have been thinking rationally, when he sounded perfectly rational at the time he said it.


    • True. I think he thought that offering the family 100,000 Rupees for their baby would be doing them a favour by helping them turn their lives around.

      He should have offered them 100,000 Rupees to help them turn their lives around without wanting their baby in return, he would have then looked like a hero instead of the villain that he turned out to look by wanting their baby in return for 100,000 Rupees.



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