Round egg chef is shell-shocked

I couldn’t resist posting about this on my Blog for the 50th post as this is such a funny and quirky story that The Sun has reported.

I to would be shocked if I found a round egg in a tray of eggs.  Who else agrees with me that they would be shocked to find a round egg in a tray of eggs?



2 thoughts on “Round egg chef is shell-shocked

  1. And what about adding some more pics? I don’t want to offend anyone, text is really nice. Just as I’ve heard people acquire info much more effective if they see some useful images.

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    • I can’t add pictures to my news stories as I get them from other news sites that’s why I add the links to the source of the story that I’m blogging about, also when I’m doing a blog post about computer software I can’t get a picture of the software as I’m using the same computer to write my post as the one that has got the software on so it’s inconvenient to keep taking screen shots of the software while the browser is open, and some post are hard to add pictures to.

      I’m also using a free wordpress account that has limitations on how much media that I can upload to my blog.

      If I remember correctly the news story that I blogged about had a picture that went with the story, that’s why I always link to the source story about a post gthat I’m doing within the post.



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